Game of Thrones Art depicts characters as Star Wars Heroes

Source: ScreenRant.

Fans of science-fiction and fanatsy genre series have been on a bit of a lucky tear of late when it comes to the release of premium content – in the form of both the original HBO series Game of Thrones and director J.J. Abrams’ revival of the Star Wars brand with The Force Awakens. Both feature properties have seen respective success over the last year, and neither shows any sign of stopping in the near future (though, admittedly, Game of Thrones is expected to wrap up after two more seasons).

Even if some viewers might not be quiet as enthralled with one production over the other, it can stated with certain conviction that the two productions have become the source of monumental success and acclaim within their respective fan bases. On that note, the latest bit of fan art has married the characters of Game of Thrones to the thematic world of Star Wars in an original series of character stills.

Courtesy of Canadian artist Andrew D. Tran, an original series of custom pieces depicts several characters from Game of Thrones as they might appear within the Star Wars universe. With such eye catching featured players as the Night King depicted as “The Sith Knight King”, as well as Tyrion Lannister giving his very best Han Solo impression, the series dubbed “Game of Star Wars” is a thrilling bit of fan service for those who adore both genre properties with equal abandon.

Check out the original “Game of Star Wars” artwork series below:







Seeing Daenerys Targaryen play the role of “Mother of Rancors” is an unusually bizarre treat that will surely titillate both Game of Thrones and Star Wars fans, as will Arya Stark’s striking Padawan pose, with lightsaber in hand. Likewise, Melisandre plays the “Sith Lord of Light” with all of the enigmatic menace that she comparably exudes in Westeros, and Jamie Lannister looks the part of the “Sith Slayer” with surprising heroism and spirit.

It should come as no surprise that such an original piece of fan art might arise that would seek to marry the two well beloved genre franchises with one another, and with any luck there should be a brand new series in the near future featuring Star Wars characters as Game of Thrones heroes. Independent artist Andrew D. Tran has really outdone himself with his “Game of Star Wars” pieces, so here’s to more cinematically inspired pieces of fan art from him in the near future.


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