Rogue One: runtime confirmed, new poster & first image of Bail Organa revealed


Source: ScreenRant

With the theatrical release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story right around the corner, anticipation for the spinoff film has reached a fever pitch. Moviegoers in the United States will finally be able to pre-order their tickets on Monday, November 28, and judging by the first box office projections, many people are planning on being there opening weekend. While several viewers already know where they will be on December 16, 2016, the one question that hasn’t been answered yet is how much time they’ll have to set aside to watch the movie.

Back in October, it was rumored that the film would run for 133 minutes, which is 2 hours, 13 minutes. That’s in line with the previous installments in the franchise, but since it wasn’t officially stated by the studio, some believed it could have been a placeholder. Now, Lucasfilm has weighed in on the matter, essentially confirming what has been said before.

The studio’s creative/story development executive Pablo Hidalgo was asked about Rogue One‘s length on Twitter. When told about the previously reported runtime, he had this to say:

So now fans know they should expect a feature that’s 133 minutes. For comparison’s sake, that’s just three minutes shorter than Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a little longer than the three entries in the classic trilogy. Even though Rogue One has a lot on its plate, this should still be plenty of time for director Gareth Edwards to tell the story. Episode VII had an arguably harder task and accomplished everything it set out to do in basically the same span. It’s true that a bevy of new characters will be introduced in Rogue One, but 2 hours, 13 minutes will conceivably give everyone in the ensemble a chance to leave an impression.

Rogue One El Capitan exclusive poster

With the runtime locked in and the world premiere date set, there isn’t much else Lucasfilm can do in preparation for their latest tentpole. The marketing campaign has been highly visible and done a great job of generating buzz and excitement. Still, with a little under three weeks to go, there are still opportunities for more promotional items. The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood just unveiled their exclusive one-sheet (hat tip LA Times). The first 1,000 people to buy tickets at the location will receive a poster. Check it out below:


The design is certainly one of the more eye-catching in all of the Rogue One posters revealed to date, highlighting the movie’s main themes. Once again, the tagline “A Rebellion built on hope,” is used with Jyn Erso and members of her team placed inside the word “hope,” which is seen here in an ultra-stylized font. There isn’t much to it, but sometimes less is more when it comes to posters. Collectors and fans have long preferred minimalist artwork to some of the theatrical one-sheets that cram as many characters into a small space as possible. Some may enjoy hanging this on their wall.

First Image Of Jimmy Smits’ Bail Organa Revealed

Source: ScreenRant

For Attack of the Clones, actor Jimmy Smits was cast as Bail Organa, a senator in the Republic and the future adoptive father of Princess Leia. Fans know Organa as one of the leaders of the rebellion, helping form the Alliance in the waning days of the Clone Wars. Given where Rogue One takes place in the franchise timeline, some believed that Bail could be featured in the spinoff.

A behind-the-scenes sizzle reel that premiered at this summer’s Star Wars Celebration in London seemed to include a brief glimpse of Smits in the role, and back in August the actor all but confirmed that he had a cameo in the anthology film. Now, moviegoers can get their first real look at Bail Organa from Rogue One thanks to a new image.

Twitter user @IndianaJedi snapped a photo of the latest Us Weekly issue, which includes a preview of Rogue One. An official picture of Organa is part of the magazine’s coverage, showing Bail in a more subdued wardrobe when compared to the outfits he sported in the prequels. You can take a look at it below:

Viewers can also read a small quote from Smits discussing his part in the film. According to the actor, Bail “isn’t as high up the political food chain” this time around, which makes a great deal of sense. From the beginning, Organa strongly opposed the Galactic Empire and their policies, feeling that it represented the antithesis of everything the Old Republic stood for. He’s very much involved with the Rebels at this point in time, and his choice of clothing is a clear illustration of that. There seems to be a Rebel soldier in the background behind Bail, so this shot is plausibly from an Alliance base as Bail is briefed on information.

Since Organa has not had a large presence in the marketing materials, his part in Rogue One is most likely very small. He will probably be an ancillary character who is involved in key Alliance meetings and not much else. Still, Bail’s inclusion in the standalone serves as nice connective tissue between the various films, and his appearance is quite logical. This is not an instance of shoehorning someone in for the sake of fan service. Rogue One details the rebellion’s most daring mission, so someone as important as Organa would want to weigh in. It would arguably be strange if Bail wasn’t a part of the film, especially since fellow Alliance leader Mon Mothma is.

bail_organa_revengeJimmy Smits as Bail Organa in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Of course, Bail’s home planet of Alderaan was originally where the battle station readouts were meant to go (recall Leia’s message to Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope), so one has to wonder if the world will be seen at all in Rogue One. The end of Revenge of the Sith featured a very short sequence there as Bail and his wife admired a baby Leia, but for some the visit was too brief. Many would like to see Alderaan again in a greater capacity, which would make its destruction in Episode IV far more tragic and impactful.

Now all that’s left is to see if Rogue One can live up to the hype and continue the Star Wars resurgence. There’s a considerable amount of pressure on it to perform strongly, given that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently said that the post-Episode IX landscape of the franchise could be exclusively standalones. For that to happen, the first one needs to come storming out of the gate. Fortunately, Rogue One looks like it will deliver another memorable journey to the galaxy far, far away.


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