The Last Jedi Funko Pop Figures for Force Friday II

Source: ScreenRant

The new era of Star Wars movies has been extremely beneficial for Funko, makers of the famous collectible Pop figures. Fans are familiar with their spin on a plethora of well-known pop culture properties, and the galaxy far, far away is one of their top lines. Obviously, Funko has a lot of fun things planned for The Last Jedi, and now the first wave of Pops has been revealed.

Check out the gallery below:

It goes without saying that a number of these characters received the Funko treatment during the heyday of The Force Awakens, but these Last Jedi-inspired designs make each one a must-have for completists looking to add to their collection. Smartly, the company made sure to differentiate between the Episode VII and VIII versions, even if it’s something as small as giving Chewie a porg to hold or having BB-8 extend a claw arm. The biggest reveal in terms of plot information to be gleaned from the Pops is the fact Luke is wearing a necklace with a red gem. It’s been rumored this is actually a red kyber crystal, but that hasn’t been confirmed at this point in time. The necklace could simply be decorative, and many will be watching it with keen interest. Other than that, viewers have seen these character looks through other materials already released.

Obviously, some of these – like the Princess Leia and DJ – are retailer exclusives. There are other noteworthy Last Jedi characters missing, such as Vice Admiral Holdo and R2-D2 (who should have his own porg with him). Savvy consumers know that companies aren’t going to put everything out all at once. When the movie finally hits this winter and there isn’t such a close guard on spoilers, additional products will come out, covering more of the film for those interested. Funko is probably saving some for another point in time, or possibly as retailer exclusives. Either way, there’s now even more Last Jedi content to add to those Force Friday checklists.

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