The Last Jedi Topps Cards Force Friday II

Source: ScreenRant

As many fans know by now, Force Friday II is here, signaling the arrival of all-new Star Wars merchandise as viewers impatiently count down the days until the film premieres in December. Lucasfilm’s licensing partners have been officially unveiling their latest products, showing off more action figures, LEGO sets, and Funko Pops than collectors know what to do with. The toys, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to merchandising, and there will be so much more in store.

Luke’s crashed X-wing

A collection of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Topps cards seems to show Luke Skywalker’s crashed X-wing in the waters of Ahch-To, in addition to giving viewers new looks at the cast of characters. After months of buildup, Force Friday II is in full effect, with Episode VIII tie-in merchandise finally hitting store shelves. There are just a few months to go until the film opens in theaters, meaning anticipation is about to reach a fever pitch. Many of Lucasfilm’s licensing partners are capitalizing on the hype by launching a new wave of Star Wars products based on the upcoming sequel. Writer/director Rian Johnson has assured collectors there are no spoilers in the toys, so it’s all safe to check out.

Action figures and LEGO sets only scratch the service of what’s available, however. Just about anything one can think of can be branded with the Star Wars logo, including Topps trading cards. Just yesterday, a listing of base cards came out, which depict scenes from the teaser trailer released back in April. The company has also produced a separate line that’s more in the way of promotional artwork than anything else, but they may still contain some story details.

In all, there are 18 cards included in the set, some of which have already been seen due to a variety of leaks that plagued The Last Jedi prior to Force Friday II. Fans will recognize the “theatrical poster” card as the same image as a recently-release jigsaw puzzle. You can take a look at all of them in the gallery below:

As indicated earlier, many of these cards are basic views of the principal heroes and villains that would make for eye-catching character one-sheets. Unsurprisingly, some of the most striking are those of the antagonists, as several of the cards spotlight Supreme Leader Snoke’s praetorian guards. There is also one of the First Order Executioner (or Judicial, if you’d prefer) in an attack stance with weapon raised. As far as the Resistance is concerned, the card depicting R2-D2 and a flock of porgs is clearly a standout, highlighting the adorable creatures and their inquisitive nature as they examine their new robotic friend. We know at least one of them ends up on the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca, so it will be interesting to see these interactions and how quickly everyone becomes pals.

The only card to offer a potential plot reveal is the one of Rey looking over a cliff on Ahch-To. Underneath Luke’s head is a crashed X-wing submerged in the water. Though it appears to be a Resistance X-wing and not an old Alliance one, this is probably how Skywalker arrived on the remote planet. Canon materials have implied Ben Solo’s turn to the dark side happened five years (or less) before the events of The Force Awakens – a time period where the new X-wing designs would be in use. The visual is reminiscent of what happened to Luke’s ship on Dagobah, only this time he’s in no rush to get off the world. His self-imposed exile is one of the greatest mysteries The Last Jedi will solve, and it should prove to be captivating to see a changed Luke attempt to return to the fold.


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