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Hasbro’s Snoke and Pretorian Guards and General Organa to pre-order and exclusive sale

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As fans get ready to add to their Star Wars collections on Force Friday II, new action figures of some key The Last Jedi villains have been revealed. Writer/director Rian Johnson is set to open up the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order in his film, which means an abundance of merchandising opportunities for Lucasfilm’s various partners. Though Supreme Leader Snoke allegedly remains a mystery in the film, audiences will get learn a little more about him and finally see the antagonist in the flesh. One of the more intriguing additions to the saga in Episode VIII are the elite praetorian guards, which are the sequels’ answer to the royal guards that protected Emperor Palpatine. Based on their eye-catching design, they seemed they’d make for cool figures.

Released as an exclusive to io9, there are four retailer exclusives that will be available. Snoke can only be found at GameStop, the individual guard is at Amazon, the 4-pack guards of evil (which spans the entire franchise) is exclusive to GameStop, the Disney Store, and Barnes & Noble, and the Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Ghost can be purchased at Walgreens. You can see them all in the gallery below:

Of these, the Snoke figure will probably be the one that generates the most interest, as that character was completely absent during the Force Awakensmerchandising rush. This is one of the best looks at the Supreme Leader we’ve gotten yet, giving viewers a taste of his physical appearance in The Last Jedi. In addition to the gold fabric robe (a sign of Snoke’s opulence), the figure comes with a throne on which it can sit. The 4-pack of guards has a nice variety, starting with the blue Senate guards from the Republic and working its way to the praetorian forces from Episode VIII. The inclusion of Obi-Wan in this line is simply an original trilogy callback, as the toy is from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. This is not confirmation Kenobi’s spirit will show up in Star Wars 8, though that is still possible at this point in time.

The Last Jedi Leia Hasbro figure available to pre-order

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Force Friday II is here, and so is the first look at new action figure of General Leia Organa from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The hunt for the newest Star Wars merchandise kicked off at 12:01 a.m. Friday, as fans waited in lines at retailers worldwide to get their hands on new action figures, vehicles, play sets and more in conjunction with the upcoming eighth episode in the Skywalker family saga.

On Thursday, Hasbro officially unveiled images of new 3 3/4-inch and 6-inch action figures of such characters from The Last Jedi, including Luke Skywalker, Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn and Poe Dameron. Noticeably absent, however, from any of Hasbro reveals were any photos of 3 3/4-inch figures of Carrie Fisher’s General Leia Organa. And while it was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that a 6-inch inch Black Series figure of General Leia from The Force Awakens was on the way from Hasbro, there was no word of a new Leia figure from The Last Jedi.

That all has changed on Force Friday II, though, when the Disney Store put up a pre-order page for the toymaker’s 3 3/4-inch General Leia. Dressed in the ceremonial robes that the character has worn in photos and video footage released from the film, Leia  which features a spot-on likeness of Fisher  also comes with a blaster. The figure also comes with Force Link technology, which with the Force Link Starter Kit will allow fans to hear lines Leia cites in the movie.

It only makes sense that General Leia have an action figure for The Last Jedi, not only because the character made iconic by Fisher is sure to play a pivotal role in the film, but merely for the fact that it’s Leia. Together with Luke, Han Solo and Darth Vader, the intergalactic princess-turned-general is one of the most recognizable characters in the Star Wars universe, and to leave her by the wayside and not produce an action figure of her would be a travesty.

Fans had to hunt a little harder for the General Leia 3 3/4 inch figure for The Force Awakens (largely because it was a Black Series exclusive for a large, nationwide retailer), but likely the Leia figure iteration for The Last Jedi will be in plentiful supply. Given the fact that this will be Fisher’s last appearance as Leia following her tragic passing in December, this figure will surely be a piece of memorabilia that every Star Wars fan will want in their collection.

What we know about BB-9E

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi will introduce a new member to the galaxy far, far away’s continuously-growing droid family: BB-9E. As many fans know, robots are an integral part of the film franchise, playing key roles in all of the movies to date. In A New Hope, C-3PO and R2-D2 were the ones who set the story in motion, escaping with the Death Star plans to Tatooine and meeting Luke Skywalker. It’s impossible to imagine what the series would look like without the droids, and they’ve gone on to become some of the best characters Star Wars has to offer. It wasn’t really a surprise when the sarcastic K-2SO stole the show in last year’s Rogue One, getting one of the more emotional deaths in the third act.

One of the breakout stars in The Force Awakens was unquestionably BB-8, who provided amusing comic relief and turned into a merchandising juggernaut all on his own. Of course, the new-generation astromech returns in The Last Jedi, with Rian Johnson teasing he is the Buster Keaton of the Star Wars universe. While many will be excited to see BB-8 on the big screen again, he’s hardly the only droid that will appear in the film. With Force Friday II products being officially unveiled today, newcomer BB-9E is generating much interest, jokingly referred to by the fans as BB-8’s evil twin. So who is this robot and how will he fit into The Last Jedi? We’re going to take a closer look.

BB-9E by Joshua M. Smith. Source: Behance.


All info about BB-9E in the Databank from Star Wars official site is:

BB-9E: The First Order benefits from the latest technology across all its activities. This includes having dark, gleaming BB astromech units of their own that keep their starships and machinery operational.

Since most of Episode VIII is being kept under wraps, there aren’t many official details about BB-9E at this point in time. He essentially is the First Order’s answer to BB-8, designed in all-black with a flatter head than his Resistance counterpart. BB-9E is the latest in a growing line of “evil doppelganger” droids in Star Wars canon, following the footsteps of 0-0-0 (C-3PO) and BT-1 (R2-D2) from Kieron Gillen’s Darth Vader comic. Lucasfilm’s plan was to use Force Friday II festivities as a welcoming party for The Last Jedi‘s new star (and in a way they stuck to that), but it’s been known BB-9E would be in Star Wars 8 for months now. The character kept popping up in a variety of toy leaks, including LEGO sets and Funko Pop bobbleheads. He is also getting the Sphero treatment, along with R2-D2 and an updated BB-8.

Fans may recall that last year during Rogue One promotion, Imperial astromech droid C2-B5 was highlighted in imagery, but ultimately did not appear in the film. There is an outside chance that is the case with BB-9E, but odds are he will be seen in Episode VIII. Quite frankly, he’s too omnipresent in the marketing campaign to be in danger of ending up on the cutting room floor. The fact that Sphero made sure to include BB-9E in their latest product line is a strong indication he is a robot of some importance and Lucasfilm has big plans for him. Granted, the studio has been guilty of overselling “cool” looking villains in the past (see: Captain Phasma), but odds are BB-9E is at the very least a secondary supporting figure and doesn’t merely make a cameo.


It’s interesting that the BB-9E mini-figure is included in both the First Order Star Destroyer and Kylo Ren’s TIE fighter LEGO kits, as those may provide clues for how he’ll fit into the narrative. His presence in the latter suggests he could be Kylo’s personal astromech, similar to R2-D2 for Luke Skywalker. Additionally, Finn and Rose’s secret mission sees the two go undercover aboard a Star Destroyer. BB-8 is said to be accompanying them on this journey, so the stage is set for a scene where yin and yang cross paths. Fans shouldn’t expect anything similar to Chopper’s antics on Rebels in live-action, but an interaction between BB-8 and his so-called evil twin would provide a nice moment of levity in what should be a dark (but still fun) blockbuster. Hopefully, the incoming onslaught of new Last Jedi trailers and TV spots offer something more concrete.

BB-8 meets his dark side in this new Star Wars Blips Video:

Ultimately, BB-9E gives Rian Johnson an opportunity to further expand the First Order by showing off more of what the antagonists have at their disposal (also see the First Order Executioner). The director’s goal with The Last Jediwas to take the franchise in new directions and show fans things they haven’t seen before. While the Trade Federation’s battle droids were part of the villain forces in the prequel trilogy, they were primarily a faceless army. All of the movie robots to be given a personality (and a name) by the filmmakers fight with the good guys – including the reprogrammed K-2SO. It’s a simple, yet smart, concept. Take something we love (BB-8) and present the inverse of it, a line of thinking that also spawned Canto Bight. Hopefully, BB-9E isn’t just for show and becomes a standout in his own right.

Updated: Empire’s The Last Jedi cover revealed

Source: Empire

UPDATED: Empire Magazine has just released an image of the Newsstand Edition Star Wars: The Last Jedi cover featuring Luke Skywalker and Rey. This issue is expected to hit newsstand this Thursday!

The Last Jedi Poe Dameron’s improved X-Wing revealed

Source: Empire

Taken directly from the pages of the October issue of Empire (on sale this Thursday), this exclusive image from Star Wars: The Last Jedi* shows Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, codenamed Black One, specially retrofitted with additional thrust to help evade incoming fire.

The X-Wing (an Incom-FreiTek T-70, to be precise) has, according to Rian Johnson, been specially modified by Resistance engineers, with a temporary accelerator pod affixed to the aft section. According to The Last Jedi director, the pod, when primed, increases Dameron’s speed, allowing him to outrun First Order cannon emplacements. It’s just a temporary boost and will burn out quickly but it’s enough to get beyond the barrage of turbo laser fire from First Order Star Destroyers such as the one depicted in the image.

Original Post below.

Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi gets the full Empire cover treatment this month, with a magical holographic sheen, and an epic eight-page feature inside, to boot. Take a look below at what lucky subscribers will have landing on their doormats any day now.

As you can see, the subscriber cover shows the hand of Daisy Ridley’s Rey handing the lightsaber to the robotic hand of Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker, as seen in the final scene of The Force Awakens and the opening scene of The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi release date: Dec 15, 2017.

The Last Jedi Funko Pop Figures for Force Friday II

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The new era of Star Wars movies has been extremely beneficial for Funko, makers of the famous collectible Pop figures. Fans are familiar with their spin on a plethora of well-known pop culture properties, and the galaxy far, far away is one of their top lines. Obviously, Funko has a lot of fun things planned for The Last Jedi, and now the first wave of Pops has been revealed.

Check out the gallery below:

It goes without saying that a number of these characters received the Funko treatment during the heyday of The Force Awakens, but these Last Jedi-inspired designs make each one a must-have for completists looking to add to their collection. Smartly, the company made sure to differentiate between the Episode VII and VIII versions, even if it’s something as small as giving Chewie a porg to hold or having BB-8 extend a claw arm. The biggest reveal in terms of plot information to be gleaned from the Pops is the fact Luke is wearing a necklace with a red gem. It’s been rumored this is actually a red kyber crystal, but that hasn’t been confirmed at this point in time. The necklace could simply be decorative, and many will be watching it with keen interest. Other than that, viewers have seen these character looks through other materials already released.

Obviously, some of these – like the Princess Leia and DJ – are retailer exclusives. There are other noteworthy Last Jedi characters missing, such as Vice Admiral Holdo and R2-D2 (who should have his own porg with him). Savvy consumers know that companies aren’t going to put everything out all at once. When the movie finally hits this winter and there isn’t such a close guard on spoilers, additional products will come out, covering more of the film for those interested. Funko is probably saving some for another point in time, or possibly as retailer exclusives. Either way, there’s now even more Last Jedi content to add to those Force Friday checklists.

All new Star Wars books coming on Force Friday II

Source: StarWars.Com

You might be ready for Force Friday II. But is your bookshelf? Force Friday II has started on this September 1 and we are seeing the release of several major new Star Wars books, including many in the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi publishing program. Check out’s list below for what titles you’ll find in stores (along with some coming soon, as well), and start your reading journey to the next Star Wars film.



Leia: Princess of Alderaan (Disney Lucasfilm Press)
by Claudia Gray

It is Leia Organa’s sixteenth birthday and she participates in the traditional ceremony where she declares her intention to one day take the throne of Alderaan. But she’s much more concerned about the way her parents are acting lately: lots of meetings and late dinners and not talking to her as much as they used to. Eventually she discovers the reason for their secrecy: their involvement in the increasingly organized rebellion. When Leia decides to become involved herself in the fight against the Empire, whether her parents approve or not, she will have to prove to them that she is a valuable asset who must be allowed to take a stand, regardless of the risk to herself. 

Phasma (Del Rey)
by Delilah S. Dawson

When a Resistance spy is taken prisoner by Cardinal, a high-ranking stormtrooper in the First Order, she cuts a deal for her freedom: to tell Cardinal everything she knows about his biggest rival: Captain Phasma. The story then cuts between the present and the past, showing Phasma growing up as a fearsome warrior on a brutal world and the bond that she forges with Brendol Hux when he crash lands on her planet. Hux sees potential in Phasma to become a great asset for the First Order.

The Power of the Force (Disney Lucasfilm Press)
by Michael Siglain (author) and Brian Rood (artist)

The Force gives the noble Jedi Knights their power, but it can also be used by the fearsome Sith. In the never-ending battle between good and evil, who will control the power of the Force?

A Leader Named Leia (Disney Lucasfilm Press)
by Jennifer Heddle (author) and Brian Rood (artist)

To some she’s a princess, to others a general, but to everyone Leia Organa is one of the galaxy’s greatest leaders. Learn all about Leia’s exciting adventures with A Leader Named Leia.

Tales of the Force (a Big Golden Book) (Random House)

From the Jedi, to the Sith, to the Force-sensitive, this Big Golden Book is packed with stories about all the heroes and villains from the Star Wars saga! Featuring stunning retro stylized illustrations, this book is perfect for Star Wars—and Big Golden Book—fans of all ages!

BB-8 on the Run (Disney Lucasfilm Press)
by Drew Daywalt (author) and Matt Myers (artist)

BB-8 must fend for himself when he is separated from his master, Poe Dameron, on the desert planet of Jakku. This original picture book, written by New York Times Bestselling author, Drew Daywalt, explores what exactly BB-8 was up to from the time he leaves Poe to when he is rescued by Rey in The Force Awakens. Everyone’s favorite little droid is on the run, encountering new friends and foes along the way!


Star Wars: Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away… (DK Publishing)
by Christian Blauvelt

Never seen a Star Wars film? Don’t know one end of a lightsaber from another? Then Star Wars Made Easy is for you! This beginner’s guide to a galaxy far, far away is a fun and informative read that will leave you knowing the difference between a Jedi and a Jawa!

Kirigami: The Starships (Chronicle)
by Marc Jagan-Guirey (Author and artist)

Celebrate the Star Wars saga’s most iconic starships with Marc Hagan-Guirey‘s incredible kirigami projects, made by folding and cutting paper to create amazing 3D artwork.

Stealth Mission Construction Book (Poe’s X-wing) (Egmont UK)
by Rob Ball (model artwork) and Neal Manning (paper engineer)

Join Poe and BB-8 for more action and adventure in Star Wars: The Last Jedi! This mini construction book contains fun facts and stats about some of the characters and ships from the new movie.

Keepsake Coloring Book (Disney Lucasfilm Press)
by Katie Cook

A keepsake coloring book for parents & padawans, featuring fan-favorite artist Katie Cook’s adorable black & white line art from ABC-3PO and OBI-123. Featuring new characters, ships, and vehicles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Look & Find (PIP)
by Art Mawhinney

A fun-filled adventure through the galaxy in which kids will need to search and find some of the most iconic characters and ships from The Force Awakens, with two spreads from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: Annual 2018 (Egmont UK)
by Egmont UK staff

Celebrate 40 years of the Star Wars saga with the Star Wars Annual 2018. The perfect gift for fans, with puzzles, games, activities, facts, and more! Features a section of posters from the year’s most anticipated film Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Coming Wednesday, September 6

Captain Phasma Mini-Series (Marvel)
by Kelly Thompson (author) and Marco Checchetto (artist)

In this high-octane thriller Kelly Thompson (HawkeyeStorykillerThe Girl Who Would Be King) and Marco Checchetto (Spider-ManDaredevilStar Wars: Shattered Empire) present a character-defining story of the Star Wars saga’s iconic new villain.

Star Wars Adventures (IDW Publishing)
by Cavan Scott and Landry Walker (authors) and Chris Samnee, Derek Charm, and Eric Jones (artists)

A monthly comic book for younger readers, IDW’s Star Wars Adventures will tell short, epic tales featuring iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far away, with a running backup featuring adventurer Emil Graf telling tales from all eras of the Saga.

And there are more Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi titles coming soon, including…

Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars – Updated & Expanded(DK)

Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor (HarperCollins)

The Legends of Luke Skywalker (Disney Lucasfilm Press)

The Rebel Files (becker&mayer!)

IncrediBuilds: A-wing book and model (Insight Editions)

IncrediBuilds: BB-8 book and model (Insight Editions)

Canto Bight (Del Rey)

Force Friday II Event Guide & Giveaways

Source: ScreenRant / StarWars.Com

With the next episode in the Star Wars saga coming out later this year, Force Friday is coming back to reveal all kinds of Star Wars: The Last Jedi products – and even a new character – all thanks to the Star Warsapp and augmented reality. As part of the promotional campaign for this event, Star Wars has released a special (and encoded) message from General Organa. Watch a coded transmission from General Leia Organa…

A list of events and giveaways that will take place at a variety of retailers for Force Friday II has been revealed. Soon, the first wave of Star Wars: The Last Jedi tie-in products will officially hit store shelves, signaling the imminent arrival of the highly-anticipated sequel. Fans have already gotten a head start of putting together shopping lists thanks to a plethora of toy leaks that have popped up on the web over the past couple of months, and they’ll shortly be able to bring those products home, adding to their collections. The likes of Hasbro, LEGO, and Funko have big things planned with extensive lines that highlight all the main characters.

Once people figure out what they want to buy, the biggest question is where to go to purchase it. To help make that decision easier (or, depending on your point of view, harder), stores commemorate Force Friday with their own special exclusives as a means to entice customers. Just about every retailer one can think of is taking part in the festivities, so, much to the delight of interested consumers, a one-stop shop of everything happening come September 1 is online.

Posted on the Star Wars website, the list runs down all the companies with something in store for Force Friday – ranging from Toys ‘R’ Us to Pottery Barn. Unsurprisingly, the Disney Store has the most extensive agenda, complete with a mini poster set for the first 100 guests who make a purchase, an R2-D2 craft activity, Star Wars Story Time, and special theming that represents the light and dark sides of the Force. Wal-Mart will display the 6-foot LEGO Luke Skywalker that appeared at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con at their Orlando, FL location and host “Jedi Be Ready” games and activities at select stores. Toys ‘R’ Us is handing out free Funko Pop figures, t-shirts, and collectible posters for Force Friday attendees. Several of the other retailers are teasing exclusive products in addition to the regular lines. Click on the link above to see the complete list of all participating stores.

Ever since the infamous Kenner “empty box” campaign in 1977, merchandising has been a huge part of the Star Wars franchise. Lucasfilm is keenly aware of this fact, and has turned the official unveiling of new tie-in materials into an unofficial holiday. The action figures are just the tip of the iceberg, as Staples will sell new Star Wars drones and the “Journey to The Last Jedi” publication series begins in ernest with the Phasmaand Leia: Princess of Alderaan novels (among others). No matter how one enjoys Star Wars outside the theater, there will be something for everybody as fans scout the stores. The studio has kept promotion for Episode VIII down to a minimum at this point in time, but with the summer movie season in the rearview mirror, that’s about to dramatically change. It’s only a matter of time before another trailer debuts, along with a theatrical poster and a bevy of TV spots.

Force Friday II also has an interactive component thanks to the Find the Force treasure hunt, where fans can use the Star Wars app to scan graphics in stores and take pictures with digital renderings of Last Jedicharacters (test it now to get an early look at the porgs). Lucasfilm hinted a new character will be revealed as part of this, as well as announcing a sweepstakes to win tickets to the Episode VIII premiere. It’s a lot to take in, so hopefully viewers can enjoy as much of Force Friday as possible.


Source: StarWars.Com

New Star Wars products — including many inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi — hit stores on Force Friday II. And if you’re wondering what you might find, fear not: has the intel you need. Check out the guide below to see some of the toys, and other Force-powered items!

Rebel Insignia Cufflinks

Available at Nordstrom and

Premium Rey Lightsaber – Parks Exclusive

This collectible lightsaber features authentic lights and sounds and includes a removable blade. This product also includes a belt clip, a hilt display stand and a wall mount display. The lightsaber includes 3 “AA” batteries, which make this saber ready for instant action.

Star Wars Elite Series Die Cast Action Figures

Star Wars Elite Series Die Cast Action Figures inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi (characters included: Kylo Ren (unmasked), Rey, Luke Skywalker, First Order Judicial Stormtrooper, Praetorian Guard, R2-D2). A premium line of die cast action figures featuring characters inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Available exclusively at Disney Store,, and Disney Parks.

Itty Bitty Plush

Limited Edition General Leia, Finn, Rey, Limited Edition Kylo Ren, 2 pack Supreme Leader Snoke & Praetorian Guard (Limited exclusive), and BB-9E.

Home/Keepsake Ornaments

BB-8 Mug with Sound, Rey Keepsake Ornament, and Praetorian Guard Keepsake Ornament.

Star Wars Force Link BB-8 2-in-1 Mega Playset

Activate amazing Force Link sounds, phrases, and lights in the BB-8 2-in-1 Mega playset, including Force Link wearable technology! BB-8 easily opens to reveal a multi-level playset including 3 Force Link activation areas with lights and sounds, as well as 6 areas of play and awesome play features including trap doors, firing projectiles, and more! The BB-8 2-in-1 Mega playset also includes two 3.75-inch scale Force Link-activated figures — Supreme Leader Snoke and Elite Praetorian Guard (with Single Blade) — so kids can immediately imagine recreating their own Star Wars action!

Star Wars The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet

Kids and fans alike can imagine the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with helmets from The Black Series! With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love. An ace X-wing fighter pilot, Poe Dameron is a leader in the Resistance’s fight against the evil First Order. Imagine soaring into battle alongside the Resistance with this Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot helmet that features an internal microphone that activates battle sounds and interaction with Poe’s right-hand droid, BB-8! Helmet also features a retractable polarizing visor and speech projector, so kids can imagine gearing up like Poe Dameron and blasting into the fight against the First Order. 

Star Wars Force Link Starter Set

Bring the galaxy to life with Force Link! Recreate the adventures of a galaxy far, far away with Force Link, a new interactive play system from Hasbro that gives kids the sound effects and phrases from the Star Wars movies right in the palms of their hands! Wear Force Link wearable technology to activate lights, sounds, and phrases in Force Link-activated figures, accessories, vehicles, and playsets! With Force Link, kids can bring some of their favorite Star Wars adventures to life! When kids wear the included Force Link wearable technology and pick up the included 3.75-inch scale Kylo Ren figure, they can activate authentic sounds and phrases! Kids can imagine sending Kylo Ren into fiery battle with the included Lightsaber accessory, and imagine recreating their favorite scenes and adventures from Star Wars.

First Order Heavy Assault Walker

Grab the First Order Heavy Assault Walker and lumber into battle against Poe, Rey and the Resistance allies. Fire the head-mounted spring-loaded shooters and take aim with the rapid-fire stud shooter on top. When you run short on ammo, open the compartments and reload. If the Resistance fighters get too close, drop the mines at the back to give them a big surprise! Can the Resistance defeat this tough walker? That’s for you to decide…

Droid Inventor Kit

Kids can create their own droid and bring it to life using littleBits electronic Bits! With the Droid Inventor app, they’ll give their droid new abilities and take it on 17+ missions. Then they’ll level-up their inventor skills, reconfiguring parts to design any droid they can dream up.

Propel Star Wars Battle Drones

Bring the magic of flight to a whole new dimension with the Propel T64 X-wing starfighter, TIE Advanced X1 and the 74Z Speeder Bike quadcopter. You can fly these drones at top speeds up to 35 miles per hour and engage friends and family in exciting multiplayer battles! Now comes with a companion app.

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid, R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid, and BB-9E App-Enabled Droid

BB-8, BB-9E, and R2-D2 are astromech droids from a galaxy far, far away…. Powered by the new Sphero App-Enabled Droids app, drive your droids, send them on patrol together, and more. Roam iconic ship interiors and memorable locations from the Star Wars saga through augmented reality and the Droid Trainer accessory. Each droid has different holographic environments to explore. These droids span decades of adventure from Star Wars saga – iconic R2-D2 is a veteran of the Rebel Alliance, BB-8 is a trusty astromech droid of the Resistance, and BB-9E is the First Order’s rolling menace. The specialized tech in these droids make them unlike any other. Watch them interact together and view films from the Star Wars saga with BB-8, BB-9E, and R2-D2 reacting by your side. Immerse yourself in the Star Wars galaxy. These are the droids you’re looking for.

Hero Droid BB-8

Bring home a beloved and iconic Star Wars character with Hero Droid BB-8! This interactive droid stands at a lifelike scale of 16 inches tall (19 inches with antenna). It moves smoothly and is capable of realistic interactions – just like in the film! Set Hero Droid BB-8 to Follow Me mode and it will roll beside you just as loyally as it would follow Rey or Poe! With voice recognition and remote control capabilities, it is fully interactive and ready to spin into action.

Visit StarWars.Com for more.

Propel’s Star Wars Drones for Force Friday II

Source: ScreenRant

Propel is launching a line of Star Wars drones on Force Friday II, and they might be the coolest Star Wars products of 2017. High-octane dogfights in space are a famous staple of the film franchise, thrilling audiences with state-of-the-art visual effects. Ever since the original movie premiered in 1977, fans have wanted to pilot an X-wing or TIE fighter of their own. Thanks to these drones (which were constructed with advanced technology not available on the open market yet) and the incredibly immersive mobile app, they will finally have that chance and rise through the ranks of either the Rebellion or the Empire by mastering their piloting skills.

Screen Rant attended the Propel Preview event in Brooklyn, NY on August 29, where the company showcased the drones and all of their features. At the start, three vehicles will be available: the X-wing, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1, and the Imperial 74Z speeder bike. They will be sold in a variety of retailers – including Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy – and cost $179 in the U.S. In Canada, the drones run for $249. Interested parties will quickly learn they are certainly worth that price, since this is no ordinary piece of Star Wars merchandise.

The drones themselves can achieve speeds of more than 35 mph and are highly-detailed and hand-painted so they look like the ships from the movies. A 2.4 GHZ controller is included in the box, which is how users can fly the drones around. They can perform aerial stunts at the push of a button, and there are multiple speed settings depending on one’s ability. A key selling point of the Star Wars Battle Drones is Training Mode, where newcomers can fly their ship inside an invisible boundary to practice without having to worry about crashing. Novices should also enjoy the flight simulator in the mobile app, connecting their device to the controller via Bluetooth to explore virtual Star Wars environments and get a better handle on how the drones work. The controller is interactive, playing authentic Star Wars music and sound effects to enhance the experience.

Propel’s goal with these drones is to build a franchise around them and they are taking proactive measures to ensure these aren’t just a fad for a few months. Battling is a major component of the drones. Using a combination of “LiFi” (which transmits data at 100x the speed of wifi) and Intelligent Awareness Tech, users can recreate their favorite sequences by pitting the drones against each other, with the drones instantly reacting to the gameplay. Fights can either be done in-person or interactively through the mobile app (which is free to download for iOs and Android). The app also allows people to connect with other drone pilots to develop communities and organize Battle Drone events all around the world.

It’s clear the drones are something special, and they’ll surely be high on many Force Friday II shopping lists, given this is the closes anyone will get to flying an X-wing around. In all likelihood, this is just the beginning for Propel as their partnership with Lucasfilm takes off. Hopefully, the Battle Drones find a great deal of success and the line can see more ships from the Star Wars universe that span the multiple eras of the saga. If Battlefront is getting into cross-generational gameplay, there’s no reason the drones can’t.

The Propel Star Wars Battle Drones and Star Wars Battle Drones app will be available on September 1, 2017.


Source: Propel

Bring the magic of flight to a whole new dimension with our Star Wars high performance drones. Pilot your favourite Star Wars ships at speeds above 35 MPH and engage friends and family in exciting multiplayer laser battles. Each Propel Star Wars drone is extremely detailed, hand painted to model quality finish, certified, numbered and packed in a collectable display box.


Relive the classic scenes of Endor with the 74-Z, speed through the forest piloted by Scout Troopers. Renowned for their superior manoeuvrability and agility, race or battle with friends in your own rendition of Star Wars – ‘The Return of the Jedi’ with this hyper-accurate model multirotor.

All Hasbro’s Force Friday II Toys

Source: ScreenRant

Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Force Friday II global fan event celebrating the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi products begins tomorrow and we have an early look at all of what’s coming from Hasbro. And yes, there’s a Porg plush toy included!

Force Friday II, a followup to the record setting global event (the first Force Friday) tied to 2015’s The Force Awakens, include everything from toys and collectibles to books and apparel, and will go on sale beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, September 1, 2017.

Hasbro’s collections for this year’s merchandise frenzy include the usual assortment of action figures, playsets, vehicles, and role-play items to NERF blasters and a board game. Below is a gallery featuring 47 high-res official images from Hasbro’s Star Wars product lines from Force Friday II along with some highlights and notes below.

Most of Hasbro’s collection is inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi but also includes a few items from the original trilogy (like young Luke and his Tatooine speeder) and Star Wars Rebels (Grand Admiral Thrawn).  None of the Episode VIIIfigures or sets are too revealing beyond what’s already been showcased in the teaser trailer and magazine cover stories thus far but Hasbro’s high-res toy assets do at least offer a better look at some of the character costume changes and the new vehicles.

Where Star Wars: The Force Awakens offered a tweaked take on the TIE Fighter and X-Wings from the original trilogy, Star Wars: The Last Jedi gives a slightly tweaked take on the A-Wing and TIE Interceptor (which is now called a TIE Silencer and is operated by Kylo Ren in a similar vein to Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced in A New Hope).

No images of any toys based on the First Order’s Mandator IV class Dreadnought or AT-M6 (All Terrain MegaCaliber Six), but there is a new set based on the Resistance Ski Speeders that will take on the new walkers in a sequence that’s alarmingly familiar to the Hoth Battle in The Empire Strikes Back. Every vehicle so far has been a variation of something from the original trilogy, and almost introduced in the same order so far… But there’s more!

One vehicle that looks entirely new is the Canto Bight Police Speeder which comes with a Canto Bight Police Officer. A blurred image of this leaked during the summer so this is our first official look at the vehicle. Canto Bight is a casino-like location that exists outside of the war between the The First Order and the Resistance and it caterSTAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES CENTERPIECE LUKE SKYWALKER Figures to the rich and luxurious (hence the police).

On the NERF side, there’s two familiar weapons in the standard issue Stormtrooper blaster which looks similar to what shipped for 2015’s Force Friday I alongside Poe Dameron’s standard issue pistol, but the newer weapon this time is the longer-barreled, heavy duty First Order Deluxe Blaster.

All LEGO’s Force Friday II toys

Source: ScrenRant

In addition to the newly unveiled $800 Millenium Falcon, the biggest LEGO set ever released for sale, LEGO has a new line of products based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi – all of which will be on sale beginning tomorrow, Force Friday II (Sept. 1)! The lineup includes seven construction sets (including new characters, minifigures and vehicles making their first appearance in LEGO form) and four buildable figures.

For hardcore collectors and Star Wars fans following every bit of news for Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII, all of these toy sets have been revealed through a variety of leaks and unofficial, blurry shots, but here are the official high-res images for LEGO’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi lineup with official descriptions, prices, and item numbers.

All LEGO’s Force Friday II toys

Here’s a complete list of all the LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi sets hitting store shelves for Force Friday II followed by the details for each:

75176 – Resistance Transport Pod™ (RRP: $29.99 USD, $39.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO Resistance Transport Pod (75176) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO Resistance Transport Pod (75176)

Escape to safety in the Resistance Transport Pod. Open the cockpit, seat Finn and Rose and launch! If our heroes run into trouble, turn the engine to aim the stud shooter or roll the wheel to fire the spring-loaded shooters! Now has anyone seen BB-8?

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark:  8-14
  • Piece Count:  294

75177 – First Order Heavy Scout Walker™ (RRP: $49.99 USD, $64.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO First Order Heavy Scout Walker (75177) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO First Order Heavy Scout Walker (75177)

Go in search of Resistance fighters in the amazing First Order Heavy Scout Walker. Place General Hux in the cockpit and send orders to the Flametrooper. Give the walker a push and see the crawling legs start to move! When you spot the enemy, raise the spring-loaded shooters and get ready to fire!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark:  9-14
  • Piece Count:  554

75179 – Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer™ (RRP: $79.99 USD, $99.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO Kylo Ren TIE Silencer (75179) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO Kylo Ren TIE Silencer (75179)

The Resistance has been spotted! Put Kylo into the cockpit of his super-fast TIE Silencer and blast off in hot pursuit. When you get close, push the triggers to fire the spring-loaded missiles and send those Resistance ships spinning out of control!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark:  8-14
  • Piece Count:  630

75187 – BB-8™ (RRP: $99.99 USD, $129.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO BB8 (75187) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO BB8 (75187)

Own your very own LEGO® BB-8! Turn the wheel to spin the head and turn another to open the hatch and see the welding torch pop out, just like it did in the movie! You can also sit BB-8 on the stand so you can show your friendly droid to all your friends when they come to visit!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark:  10-16
  • Piece Count:  1106

75188 – Resistance Bomber (RRP: $109.99 USD, $139.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO Resistance Bomber (75188) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO Resistance Bomber (75188)

Join Poe and Vice Admiral Holdo as they set out on daring raids aboard the Resistance Bomber! Jump Paige into the rear gun turrets and fend off enemy ships or fire the spring-loaded shooters for extra firepower. When you reach your target, press the trigger to release the bombs and send the enemy troops running for cover. Good luck, Captain!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark: 9-14
  • Piece Count: 780

75189 – First Order Assault Walker™ (RRP: $149.99 USD, $169.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO First Order A ssault Walker (75189) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO First Order A ssault Walker (75189)

Grab the First Order Heavy Assault Walker and lumber into battle against Poe, Rey and the Resistance allies. Fire the head-mounted spring-loaded shooters and take aim with the rapid-fire stud shooter on top. When you run short on ammo, open the compartments and reload. In the Resistance fighters get too close, drop the mines at the back to give them a big surprise! Can the Resistance defeat this tough walker? That’s for you to decide…

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark: 9-14
  • Piece Count: 1376

Note: This walker, similar to the Imperial AT-AT is officially called an AT-M6 (All Terrain MegaCaliber Six) and is a First Order vehicle, built a gorilla-esque design in mind. Stronger, more flexible front legs mean it can’t be taken down by Snowspeeders like AT-ATs were on Hoth.

75190 – First Order Star Destroyer™ (RRP: $159.99 USD, $179.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO First Order Star Destroyer (75190) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO First Order Star Destroyer (75190)
Join Supreme Leader Snoke as he rules the galaxy aboard the mighty First Order Star Destroyer! Fire the stud shooters to defeat enemy ships and then open the panels to play inside. Ride the elevator to Snoke’s command center and issue orders to the mini hologram. Give the fleet orders from the bridge, prepare for battle in the conference area, get the droids aboard and monitor the ship from the control room. When you’re ready to move out, grab the handle on top and zoom into action at hyperspeed!
  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark: 9-14
  • Piece Count: 1416

75526 – Elite TIE Fighter Pilot™ (RRP: $19.99 USD, $24.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO Elite TIE Fighter Pilot (75526) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO Elite TIE Fighter Pilot (75526)

Buckle up and get ready for action with the Elite TIE Fighter Pilot! Build this intimidating figure with red-striped helmet and breathing system and then put him in a battle pose. Arm his spring-loaded blaster rifle and you’re ready to take on the Resistance!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark: 8-14
  • Piece Count: 94

75528 – Rey (RRP: $24.99 USD, $29.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO Rey (75528) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO Rey (75528)

Awaken the power of the Force with buildable action hero Rey! Put her in a battle pose and gear her up with her blue Lightsaber and blaster pistol. If she runs into trouble, turn the wheel to take a swing at the First Order troopers!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark: 8-14
  • Piece Count: 85

75529 – Elite Praetorian Guard (RRP: $24.99 USD, $29.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO Elite Praetorian Guard (75529) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO Elite Praetorian Guard (75529)

Protect the First Order with Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guard. Reach for the awesome 2-handed bladed staff with lasers, or separate it to create 2 smaller weapons. Put this amazing guard dressed in tough red armor in a fearsome battle pose, then move the lever to swing the arms and send opponents running for cover!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark: 8-14
  • Piece Count: 92

75530 – Chewbacca™ (RRP: $34.99 USD, $44.99 CAD)

Star Wars 8 LEGO Chewbacca (75530) Box
Star Wars 8 LEGO Chewbacca (75530)

Roar into battle with everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca! Strap on his ammo belt and bag, grab his spring-loaded bowcaster and put him in a cool battle pose. This is the biggest, baddest (yet still lovable) LEGO® Wookiee ever!

  • Launch: 9/1/2017
  • Age Mark: 8-14
  • Piece Count: 179

Aside from the almost-to-scale, record-setting Millenium Falcon, which new LEGO Star Wars set would you want to add to your collection or give as a gift?

Millennium Falcon: LEGO’s biggest set ever

Source: ScreenRant / USA Today

LEGO has officially unveiled its new Star Wars Millennium Falcon building block set, which ranks as company’s largest set ever. Star Wars, of course, revolutionized the movie merchandising industry after the first film in the saga came out in 1977, first by granting the toy company Kenner (later acquired by Hasbro) the license to release 3 3/4-inch action figures of such characters as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Darth Vader.

Other toy companies and merchandisers soon followed suit, including the famed block building toymaker LEGO – which over the years has released such stunning Star Wars pieces to its collection as the Imperial Star Destroyer (3,096 pieces), the Sandcrawler (3,296 pieces), and the Death Star (3,083 pieces).

While the announcement of the new Millennium Falcon was timed in conjunction with Force Friday II, it will not actually go on sale until October 1. Perhaps LEGO delayed the release to give fans some time to save up, since the suggested retail price for the set is $799.99.

When fans do acquire the set, they’ll likely discover their tidy investment is worth the massive chunk of change. To begin with, the ship measures at 33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 8 inches tall; and has all the interiors fans know and love from the Star Wars films, including the ship’s cockpit (which holds four minifigures), a gunner seat and Chewbacca’s iconic holographic Dejarik game table (hint: Let the wookie win).

In addition, since Millennium Falcon appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy and the new trilogy, minifigures from both eras will be included. From the original trilogy, the release will include Han, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and a buildable Mynock creature from The Empire Strikes Back, as well as the older version of Han, Rey, Finn and BB-8 from The Force Awakens. To represent characters from The Last Jedi, a couple of Porg minifigures will also be included.

It’s only appropriate that LEGO release its biggest set ever ahead of what could be the biggest Star Wars movie ever with The Last Jedi – that is, until Star Wars: Episode IX comes out in 2019, when LEGO may well unveil a set that’s even bigger by comparison.

The Last Jedi Topps Cards Force Friday II

Source: ScreenRant

As many fans know by now, Force Friday II is here, signaling the arrival of all-new Star Wars merchandise as viewers impatiently count down the days until the film premieres in December. Lucasfilm’s licensing partners have been officially unveiling their latest products, showing off more action figures, LEGO sets, and Funko Pops than collectors know what to do with. The toys, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to merchandising, and there will be so much more in store.

Luke’s crashed X-wing

A collection of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Topps cards seems to show Luke Skywalker’s crashed X-wing in the waters of Ahch-To, in addition to giving viewers new looks at the cast of characters. After months of buildup, Force Friday II is in full effect, with Episode VIII tie-in merchandise finally hitting store shelves. There are just a few months to go until the film opens in theaters, meaning anticipation is about to reach a fever pitch. Many of Lucasfilm’s licensing partners are capitalizing on the hype by launching a new wave of Star Wars products based on the upcoming sequel. Writer/director Rian Johnson has assured collectors there are no spoilers in the toys, so it’s all safe to check out.

Action figures and LEGO sets only scratch the service of what’s available, however. Just about anything one can think of can be branded with the Star Wars logo, including Topps trading cards. Just yesterday, a listing of base cards came out, which depict scenes from the teaser trailer released back in April. The company has also produced a separate line that’s more in the way of promotional artwork than anything else, but they may still contain some story details.

In all, there are 18 cards included in the set, some of which have already been seen due to a variety of leaks that plagued The Last Jedi prior to Force Friday II. Fans will recognize the “theatrical poster” card as the same image as a recently-release jigsaw puzzle. You can take a look at all of them in the gallery below:

As indicated earlier, many of these cards are basic views of the principal heroes and villains that would make for eye-catching character one-sheets. Unsurprisingly, some of the most striking are those of the antagonists, as several of the cards spotlight Supreme Leader Snoke’s praetorian guards. There is also one of the First Order Executioner (or Judicial, if you’d prefer) in an attack stance with weapon raised. As far as the Resistance is concerned, the card depicting R2-D2 and a flock of porgs is clearly a standout, highlighting the adorable creatures and their inquisitive nature as they examine their new robotic friend. We know at least one of them ends up on the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca, so it will be interesting to see these interactions and how quickly everyone becomes pals.

The only card to offer a potential plot reveal is the one of Rey looking over a cliff on Ahch-To. Underneath Luke’s head is a crashed X-wing submerged in the water. Though it appears to be a Resistance X-wing and not an old Alliance one, this is probably how Skywalker arrived on the remote planet. Canon materials have implied Ben Solo’s turn to the dark side happened five years (or less) before the events of The Force Awakens – a time period where the new X-wing designs would be in use. The visual is reminiscent of what happened to Luke’s ship on Dagobah, only this time he’s in no rush to get off the world. His self-imposed exile is one of the greatest mysteries The Last Jedi will solve, and it should prove to be captivating to see a changed Luke attempt to return to the fold.