Androids Dream Squad in Star Wars Commander


After 2 years and 6 months playing Star Wars Commander and after pass through lots of squadrons as Cybertron, BlackPhase, AshenFederation, Elite_Imperial and Empires_Squad, I got tired of all those stupid squads, with their stupid leaders, officers and members, and all their stupid rules. I decided to make my own squad to host my Level 10 Empire base as “mkenobi”. Now I make my own rules, and started my new squad AndroidsDream. The squad name is reference to “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” from Philip K. Dick novel that inspired Ridley Scott film’s Blade Runner, one of my favorite movies of all time.

basemkenobiDetail of my Level 10 Empire base “mkenobi” in the Star Wars Commander Windows Version.

Now, I ask you to join AndroidsDream squad. If you have the Star Wars Commander for Windows and if you are a very active player with an Empire base, you can join AndroidsDream. I offer my 2 years know-how playing SWC, all Level 10 troops and vehicles you need to let your Squad Center always loaded and your base protected, and the chance of be promoted to Officer after good services to the squad. All you have to do is join AndroidsDream, by the Search on Featured Squads in Star Wars Commander:


Check the Squad Overview (updated Feb. 25, 2017) below:


squad_warFirst Squad War on January 16, 2017 and we started with a Victory!

Here are some rules we all have to follow:

Only 500 medals required to join. Low levels are welcome all the time but don’t be inactive. Inactive members will be removed, as well who doesn’t donate or invest reputation points. Donate and invest your daily reputation points in perks to help the squad to have a better ranking. 
No stupid rules about donations, but try to write in the request if the troops are for attack or defense, so we can send you the best troops for both cases. A good defense or a good attack many times starts with a Squad Center always full of the right troops. Only send what is requested if the request calls for specific troops – send wrong troops in a specific request will ruin the request and can result in your remotion from the squad. If the request is only for troops, we understand they are for attack, so send what you have, except Repair Droids. NEVER SEND Repair Droids at less someone asks for them. 
If the request is for specific type or specific number of troops and there are many members donating, please call your donation and wait some seconds before donate. Chat has lags often and this will avoid another member to send the same troops ruinning the request.
Change your game language to English and write in English for better communication. You don’t need to be fluent, but we need to know if you understand what we are talking about or what kind of troops we are requesting.
If you were promoted to Officer, you can remove bad members and start Squad Wars, but ask who wants to join the War before select the team. No limits for Squad Wars, but most of the players must be online at the same time for better results.
Chat will be always open if you need some help or have any doubt about the game or the squad.
Have fun and let’s kick some Rebel butts!

If you have some doubt about to join AndroidsDream, Darth Vader has a personal message to you:


That’s all. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you join AndroidsDream. I’ll see you soon!