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The Force Awakens gets a Bad Lip Reading

Source: ScreenRant.Com

The popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has posted a new video taking aim at the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens, featuring guest star Mark Hamill voicing Han Solo. Ever since Episode VII premiered in December 2015, its status as a pop culture phenomenon has made it ripe for a number of internet parodies that poke fun at everything from its similarities to A New Hope to how the film should have actually ended. Though it’s been almost two years since The Force Awakens debuted, many fans are still analyzing the movie quite closely in preparation of The Last Jedi.

With Star Wars Celebration only a week away, the timing couldn’t have been better for Bad Lip Reading to offer their amusing spin on the saga’s most recently released episode. The channel has a long history with the galaxy far, far away, including a number of hysterical music videos that reveal Yoda’s hatred of seagulls (among other topics). This is a more traditional video (i.e. no songs), but it will still change to way viewers see some of Star Wars 7‘s most dramatic scenes. You can watch it above.

Note: The Force Awakens Bad Lip Reading video had been removed up to a few hours ago by some copyright claim, but is now available again. So, watch it now and give a like before it is removed again. Also watch the BLR videos for A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.