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Star Wars: Episode VIII officially titled The Last Jedi

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Ever since the ending to Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, fans have been hungry for more information on the sequel. Throughout the entire production of Star Wars: Episode VIII, there was one looming question – What is the title? Traditionally, the official title of a movie is not something that is front and center in the minds of fans, but it is different for Star Wars.

Rian Johnson will be directing the followup to The Force Awakens, and based on the ending to that film and the minimal role Mark Hamill had, fans expected Luke to be front and center for Episode 8. Well, thanks to the official title reveal, that is most definitely the case.

Lucasfilm made the announcement today that the official title for Episode 8 is Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. This is obviously a reference to Luke Skywalker being the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy, but could also be a call to him training Rey (Daisy Ridley) to take up that mantle. In conjuncture with the announcement, they also released the following teaser poster:


Now the title is out, fans of the franchise will instantly begin to theorize what it actually means. When The Force Awakens was announced and throughout most of the marketing, it was believed that Finn (John Boyega) was the one who had force abilities, but the movie ultimately spun that around to make Rey a central figure moving forward. The implication that the film will focus on the last Jedi could point to Rey instead of Luke. It could simply mean that this will be the last Jedi that Luke trains, after failing so many times before. Regardless, Johnson has stated before that both Rey and Luke are major focuses in Episode VIII.

While that is certainly a possibility, most bets would be on the title referencing Luke as the last of the Jedi and the ramifications it has on the galaxy. Thanks to the new red lettering, the tone that Johnson is aiming for appears to be extremely dark and favor of the Sith. It could have at one point been feasible that they planned to kill Luke and leave the galaxy without any real Jedi, save for the less-than-fully trained Rey. That said, after the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher, it would be quite surprising for Lucasfilm to move into Episode IX without any of the original trilogy cast left.

In the bigger picture, the title reveal means fans are now one step closer to seeing actual footage from the film, which could be coming in the next few months.

Star Wars Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi is scheduled for release December 15, 2017. 

Episode VIII set photos feature Millennium Falcon & Ahch-To


Photos have revealed that Star Wars most famous spaceship has touched down in London

The Millennium Falcon was spotted for the first time this summer as the highly-anticipated Star Wars Episode VIII is filmed at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Photographs showed the famous aircraft next to a huge set which closely resembles the world that Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, visited at the end of last summer’s Star Wars Episode VII when she finally tracked down missing Jedi Luke Skywalker.

A second set was set built up near that of the Millennium Falcon, but it is unknown at this stage what the intended setting will be, with fans of the franchise going into rumour-mill overdrive online as they face a long wait until the film is finally released. But while little is known about the plot of the next chapter of the galaxy spanning saga, these new photos of filming give a snippet into what fans can expect to see in the follow up to The Force Awakens.

Principal photography began on the next installment in February, but was pushed back earlier this year around the same time the release date was changed from May to December 2017. Since filming began on February 10 and April 28 marks the halfway point, filmmakers are apparently expecting the 22 week shoot to wrap on July 15. 

1Photos have revealed that Star Wars most famous spaceship, the Millennium Falcon, has touched down in London for filming.



4Photographs showed the famous aircraft next to a huge set which closely resembles the world that Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, visited at the end of last summer’s Star Wars VII.




8While little is known about the plot of the next chapter of the galaxy spanning saga, new photos of filming give a snippet into what fans can expect to see in the follow up to The Force Awakens.


10Halfway there: Star Wars director Rian Johnson revealed some behind the scenes Episode VIII photos on Thursday, and confirmed filming is halfway done.



13Another set, partially built, is shown as filming continues on Star Wars VIII, the second film to be made in the series since the franchise was bought by Disney.




Text and Photos: dailymail.co.uk

Set photos feature Millennium Falcon & Ahch-To

In the final scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans at long last learned the answer to the question that bugged them the most during the buildup: “Where’s Luke Skywalker?” Arriving on a mysterious island in an uncharted part of the galaxy, young Rey finds the grizzled hero at the top of the “Jedi Steps,” holding out Luke’s old lightsaber as a way of asking him to rejoin the fray. The movie’s screenplay revealed that this planet is named Ahch-To. To shoot the now famous climactic sequence, J.J. Abrams and crew went to Skellig Michael in Ireland.

Rian Johnson was able to use the location to film some scenes for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII (which can be seen in the production announcement video), but Skellig Michael is hardly the easiest place in the world to access. With Star Wars 8 seemingly picking up right from where Force Awakens left off, Ahch-To could factor heavily into the plot as Rey commences training with Luke. It would appear that Johnson does indeed have big plans for the planet, since the island has been recreated at Pinewood Studios in London.

The Daily Mail had a batch of set photos that show a substantial replication of Skellig Michael. The scope and effort on display is quite astonishing, and a clear indication that Johnson intends to carry over the practical filmmaking techniques Abrams incorporated in Episode VII. A full scale Millennium Falcon model is also included in some of the pictures, suggesting that Chewbacca and R2-D2 (who accompanied Rey to Ahch-To) are still with her while she’s with Luke. Star Wars Direct shared some of the images on Twitter:

Overall, the Ahch-To set strongly resembles the Skellig Michael location with a few alterations – namely the large tree. Making Star Wars theorizes that Rey could undergo a test there, similar to Luke’s experience at the Dagobah cave in The Empire Strikes Back, but at this point it’s difficult to say for sure. Regardless, having the set should prove to be valuable as principal photography chugs along, giving Johnson a more readily available Jedi Steps to film on. It’s becoming apparent that viewers will see more of Ahch-To in Episode VIII, as earlier set photos showcased huts being constructed, perhaps where Luke calls home. Lucasfilm wouldn’t commission all of this if the planet was just making a cameo.


While The Force Awakens implies Luke went into exile after his pupil Ben Solo turned to the Dark Side and became Kylo Ren, it’s never revealed why he specifically went to Ahch-To. Han Solo believed his old friend was searching for the first Jedi Temple, but Luke’s mission hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. With Mark Hamill having a substantial role in Star Wars 8, it’s likely that fans learn the answers to some of the burning questions they have about Luke. The potential importance of Ahch-To and Luke’s possible connection with Rey are tantalizing elements to explore, and with a talented director like Johnson at the helm, it looks like the story is in strong hands.

Text source: ScreenRant.Com.