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Bug or cheat in Star Wars Commander on Windows?

Many Star Wars Commander players already seen this: your base or some squadmate base is attacked by a rival and you/he won the battle, but what would be a victory changes to a defeat when the game Battle Log is showed. Many of us always thought to be a cheat, someone using some kind of artifice to change the log of a battle to have a victory and not a defeat.

Today, my level 10 Empire base was attacked by player drusses heroes from The_Resistance squad, and according to the replay, I won the battle for 43% of damage, but the Battle Log shows that was a defeat for 73%.

Watch the video of the replay here (audio doesn’t available).

And see all the prints:

1) The Battle Log of the attack

2) The replay starts with 1m52s

3) just 1 sec to finish the attack, I have only 43% of my base destroyed – a victory!

4) the Battle log shows that was a defeat for 73%? How???

5) he used a LAAT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) that is not showed in any moment of the replay

Analysing the battle log, I saw the troops he used and there is the LAAT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) that is not shown in the replay. Why? And analyzing the replay, I can see that has a lag of 8sec, where the replay starts with 1min52s, instead the 2min usual. Just a few secs later, we can see he uses Luke’s lightsaber defense for awhile following by a HWK-290 that just hit an aparently empty space at the ground.

After that, he comes toward my base with all his troops, flag drop and Droidekas, but where are my donations??? My squad center was full of speederbikes, but I don’t see anything there to defend my base. The replay ends with only 43% of damage, what would give me another victory. But the battle log shows he won by 73%. How???

See by the replay he doesn’t touch my safehouse, but at the end he got all my CB (or 2.172 CB, less what was in the last Trade Port). How???

Some months ago, I sent a ticket to Disney about another replay showing a victory and the battle log showing that was a defeat, and what was the Disney Support Team response? They say that is a bug, a replay error because something gets wrong in their servers at the moment of some attacks, what gives a replay with errors and incomplete details that doesn’t is the real attack. The real result of the attack is what is in the game Battle log, and we can’t trust in what we are seeing in the replays. This is confuse? Yes. And hard to believe? Yes.

Well, I’m tired of see things like that happening all the time, with me or some squadmate that share similar replays. I saw many players reporting cases like that, what makes many of us think can be some kind of cheat. But this was the first time I resolved analyze all evidencies and now I got a conclusion.

After watching the replay some times, I have the conclusion that Disney Support Team is right – at least at this time.

The replay is wrong, because if he really used the LAAT, this was at the beggining of the attack, and put troops right inside my base at the bottom corner where there is a little space where both Dekas range can’t cover up. The only way to bait my SC troops is come through the walls, and this wake up my donations and they gone out of SC and killed his dropped troops, falling in the baiting. As the replay eats 8sec of all the beggining of the attack, we can’t see that, what created a replay out of sync with the real attack. This explains why he used Luke’s lightsaber to protect him from something we don’t see (my donations) while he kills all of them with the HWK-290 attacking an apparently empty space.

From there to the end, all the replay shows only a part of the real attack, what at the end would be a victory by 43% (only the part that was recorded by the game servers to create the replay) and not the real result, showed in the Battle Log, the he really kill my donations and had a win by 73%…

If there are cheaters in this game? Yes, I believe they are, and they can make changes in the game platform for the own benefit. But I also know there are lots of bugs and errors all the time, and all those who play SWC for too long as I play already know this.

Well, I want to know if someone else has a similar case to report, and your opinion about what I said here. Do you think the replays are really wrong or still thinking this can be a cheat?

This post is a reply to another post published in the Star Wars Commander Forum. See my original reply here.