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Hilarious reactions to The Last Jedi trailer

After a long wait, we finally have the trailer for The Last Jedi. But it was what you were waiting for? For good and for bad, maybe more for bad, the trailer is shaking the Internet since was released by Disney last night. If you didn’t see the trailer yet, here is your chance:

And here we have some reactions – hilarious, of course – to The Last Jedi trailer.


The Last Jedi trailer, finally, debuts today

Source: Independent

The world will get a brand new look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi tonight, when Disney and Lucasfilm release the second trailer for Rian Johnson’s sequel to J.J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens. Here’s the lowdown on how to get x-wings screaming into your eyeballs as soon as possible:


The trailer will debut in the US during halftime in the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears’ Monday Night Football match (9 October). That means around 10pm ET and 3am BST (UK).


The match is on ESPN, but obviously Disney are aware of the even bigger audience online, so will post on the trailer on its YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook channels almost immediately after.

What to expect

Don’t worry, this is unlikely to be one of those stupid teasers where all they show is one visual and the logo. The first teaser for The Last Jedi showed off a fair amount but was mostly centred on the island where Rey was last seen visiting Luke – expect this one to stray away from Ahch-To and show what’s going on elsewhere.

When is the film actually out?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in UK cinemas on 14 December 2017.

John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels and Gwendoline Christie will all be back, joined by newcomers Benicia del Toro and Laura Dern.

The Last Jedi fan trailers

The Last Jedi 16-Bit Trailer earns director’s approval

Source: ScreenRant.Com

In the past month, the video recreating the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in a 16-bit video game format has caught the attention of Episode VIII filmmaker Rian Johnson. Watch it below:

Taking a much different and far more unique approach, JoBlo has posted a 16-bit trailer (even though they technically refer to it as 8-bit) for The Last Jedi. Of course, The Last Jedi trailer mostly featured Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) – who did more in the preview than he did in his entire role in The Force Awakens – but in JoBlo’s version, they ingeniously broadened the perspective to some of the events in the trailer without changing the context of the footage.

The 16-bit trailer for The Last Jedi hearkens the classic NES video game format all around, from the retro video game music (set to John Williams’ ominous new variation on the Star Wars theme) to an avatar of Luke and scripts of his dialogue. The 16-bit trailer was so pleasing to Johnson, in fact, that he tweeted a nostalgic response:

There’s no question that the 16-bit trailer for The Last Jedi will instantly send gamers on a trip down memory lane, especially those who were fans of Super Star Wars on SNES. The trailer homage clearly struck a nerve with Johnson, who proved that he is just as much a fan of Star Wars as he is a creative force behind The Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi trailer reimagined as a 1980s computer game

Source: ScreenRant.Com and Mashable.Com

Showing true dedication to the Star Wars universe, an designer painstakingly recreated the trailer for The Last Jedi using nothing but an old Apple computer. The Indonesian designer Wahyu Ichwandardi usernamed Pinot recently posted his trailer remake for The Last Jedi on Twitter, and rather than imitate the computerized style of the ’80s, he went back to the original hardware and software. Using an Apple IIc and the program Dazzle Draw, Pinot redrew nearly every frame from the trailer. It was likely a challenging process, but the results are a lot of fun.

Though some of the action is cut short due to the rendering of the graphics, it’s still quite a feat to see all of the characters, ships, and explosions rendered in the green lines that will be familiar to fans of a certain age. And while the 8-bit trailer remake has become pretty rote at this point, we don’t imagine this style of tribute will be replicated too often. As such, it’s fitting piece of fan art that will likely stand on its own for some time.

Ichwandardi, who is based in New York, painstakingly drew his tribute on a KoalaPad from the ’80s, using a 1984 bitmap paint program, Dazzle Draw. In the ’80s, the setup was deemed the “most complete computer graphics system,” but it’s clear from his process how far we’ve come.

For instance, in order to draw in layers for the animation, the illustrator had to draw each layer by hand, using plastic sheets held over the monitor, to trace each frame from the trailer, for reference.

Click here and just take a look at how he does it:

Over the course of three weeks, he used 48 floppy disks (remember those?), each with 140KB of memory, and produced 288 image files which totalled a whopping 6MB in size. Its pretty darn close to the original:

The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer breakdown

Source text: ScreenRant. All animated gifs: Tumblr (additional gifs made by me with Adobe Photoshop CS6).

There has been another awakening: the first teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has arrived. Unveiled by director Rian Johnson at the end of the Celebration panel for Episode VIII, the first proper look at 2017’s Star Wars release has stopped the internet in its tracks and has just about everyone – from padawan to Master – theorizing about what we can expect on December 15th.

The trailer is focused heavily on the Force-side of the movie, spending its first half showing Luke and Rey’s spiritual interaction, before giving a little taste of what to expect from the First Order/Resistance conflict. Like The Force Awakens‘ excellent teasers before it, it’s refreshingly light on major plot details and instead teases tone and character, although diving a little deeper reveals some major secrets about Episode VIII. Let’s break it down.


Before the Lucasfilm logo, we get Rey collapsing on the Ahch-To rock and gasping for air. She’s wearing the exact same getup we saw her in at the end of The Force Awakens, but it looks like she’ll be wearing this through the film’s first act so it’s no real indication of when exactly this takes place. Her shock appears to be more than just physical exhaustion, with Ridley conveying a sense of worry, which would suggest she’s just experienced something extreme – possibly a Force vision. The reaction is reminiscent of the moment when she first picked up the lightsaber in Maz Kanata’s castle, and also hearkens back to Luke’s experience to the cave on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back (to which this is likely a rhyme).

It’s worth noting the parallels to the previous film. Once again we open with what appears to be a starfield, which is then revealed to be a planet, just like The Force Awakens‘ final trailer. It’s also rather neat that the trailer begins with a hand since Episode VII was originally set to open with Luke’s severed limb from Empire floating through space.


“Breathe. Just breathe. Now… reach out. What do you see?”

To make up for his complete silence and brief screen time in The Force Awakens, the very first words we hear from The Last Jedi are Luke Skywalker’s. While in the panel itself Daisy Ridley suggested that Rey and Luke’s meeting wouldn’t go quite as she expected, it’s clear that the pair will eventually form a Master/Apprentice bond, with Skywalker training up his new ward. The overall feel of Luke’s lines – both as written, and with Hamill’s delivery – is evocative of Yoda’s training in The Empire Strikes Back. This creates a nice parallel to the previous trilogy, but they hone in on one particular aspect: visions.


As already mentioned, the first portion of this trailer takes place on Ahch-To, the rocky water world first seen at the end of The Force Awakens. The site of Luke’s self-imposed exile, it would appear that this is – as Han Solo theorized – the site of the first Jedi Temple, with Luke going back to the Order’s origins after Ben Solo burnt down his attempt to rebuild it. The planet was only in one scene in The Force Awakens but will be a major setting in The Last Jedi. The trailer features several new aspects of the planet, including new angles of the central island (Ireland’s Skellig Michael), and what may actually be that much-discussed first temple.


Rey was shown in The Force Awakens to already have a strong affinity with the Force – invading Kylo Ren’s thoughts, mind-tricking Daniel Craig’s Stormtrooper, and holding her own in a lightsaber duel – but she still has much to learn, especially on the more ethereal side. The first half of the teaser is built around her learning to “see” with the Force, becoming one with it and tapping into her full potential. These are all aspects of the Star Wars mythos that Disney has been expanding recently, and will no doubt play a major role in the film.

At this point of the breakdown, it’s worth highlighting some of what Rian Johnson has brought to the film visually. While he – like J.J. Abrams before him – has surely stuck close to the traditional Star Wars style, there is evidence of some very creative shots, especially when it comes to the use of perspective


After the Ahch-To opening, the trailer moves into the wider galaxy. First we get a behind shot of Leia aboard a Resistance cruiser monitoring various star-charts. This is all we see of the General in the trailer, although but you can get a better look at her new costume in behind-the-scenes photos from the 40th Anniversary and The Last Jedi panels.

Little was shown of the Resistance in the previous film – just their D’Qar base (which we’ll discuss more later) and small X-Wing force – but across this trailer we get teases of their true strength, with the rebel group moving into space.


Next up is a slow zoom on Kylo Ren’s The Force Awakens mask – smashed and smoking (you can make out his voice modulator in the faceplate). The helmet was last seen in Episode VII when Ben Solo removed it on the bridge to confront his father, and was presumed lost in the destruction of Starkiller Base, although this suggests that it was recovered along with Kylo himself (either that or a replacement has likewise been smashed). It could also be an abstract image from Rey’s vision.

Whatever the case, it’s a striking image that hammers home how memorable a villain Kylo has already become. Furthermore, the damaged mask feels like a reference to Vader’s charred helmet in The Force Awakens, a visual reference for how – now he’s killed Han – Ben is now on the same level of evil as his grandfather.


As already alluded to, the first half of the trailer – at least on a dialogue side – is Luke guiding Rey through the Force. In response to his “What do you see?”, she says “Light. Darkness. A balance.”

Again, in light homage to Empire, we’re seeing an expansion of how we perceive the Force – and in this case a very important one. The notion of balance in the Force was first introduced in The Phantom Menace and remained a strong theme throughout the prequels. While much of that trilogy has been skirted around in the new era, this concept remained – at the start of The Force Awakens, Lor San Tekka stated “Without the Jedi, there can be no balance in the Force”. With Rey now personally experiencing this, it seems that The Last Jedi will finally explain what that balance really means. Based on Luke’s later words, it likely won’t be a good thing for the Jedi.


We don’t get to see exactly what the first Jedi Temple looks like in the teaser trailer, although there is what appears to be part of it. After Leia and Kylo, we see a cavern made up of a tree and a stone bookshelf holding eight worn volumes (held in place by rock bookends).

What’s most interesting here by a parsec is the tree, which may be the source of the Temple’s power. In Shattered Empire, a comic sequel to Return of the Jedi, Luke discovered that the Jedi Temple on Coruscant housed a special tree with undefined Force abilities. He sent one to be planted on Yavin IV, but kept the other for himself, presumably to build his own Temple. This may be what we’re seeing here, but what’s more likely is that Luke used this for his ill-fated Academy and what we’ve got here is the original tree from which the Coruscant one was cut.


Getting back to the books, we then get a close-up of one that’s of major Star Wars importance. Held together simply with string and featuring hand-written Aurbebesh notes, this is the movie introduction of an essential part of the franchise’s mythology: this appears to be the Journal of the Whills (at least based on the real world novel on the topic).

Journal of the Whills was the working title of the original Star Wars, with George Lucas planning for the saga to be a long ago tale told through this ancient tome. It was loosely canonized, intended at one point to be based on R2’s centuries-later ramblings, but is now being worked into the bigger story. We already got religious group the Guardians of the Whills in Rogue One, so this book seems to be taking the next step and introducing the order proper. How this will work depends on how deep into the past Johnson is going, but it chimes with the bigger idea of exploring the Jedi origins.

The book also shows a simplification the lore. In the prequel trilogy, the extent of all Jedi knowledge was shown, with the Coruscant temple housing massive hologram libraries and computers documenting all of the known galaxy. However, it seems the core of the order can be distilled down into a single digit amount of books.

Speaking of prequel elements, even if this isn’t the Journal, a core visual part of that trilogy still makes an appearance in the trailer: the Jedi logo. First designed for The Phantom Menace, the glistening lightsaber flanked by two wings (foreshadowing of the Rebellion’s logo in the original trilogy) appears on the cover of the book.


The book in questions appears to be being read by Luke – although the trailer editing suggests Rey, the person reading it is wearing a glove, pointing towards Skywalker’s cyborg hand. When we saw Luke at the end of The Force Awakens, he had his robot right hand free, but it makes sense that he would want to keep it covered some of the time. Instead of the simple black he used when his flesh-covered prosthetic was damaged in Return of the Jedi, here he’s got what appears to be brown leather, something subtly in-keeping with Jedi-style.


Very faintly in the background of these previous shots, you can make out audio from across the original trilogy: over the Resistance ship there’s Leia’s “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; for Kylo Ren’s mask Obi-Wan’s explanation of Vader’s turn for A New Hope, “[Vader was] seduced by the Dark Side of the Force”, is used; and over the Jedi books is Yoda’s “Its energy surrounds us and binds us”. There’s also Vader’s breathing over Kylo’s mask.

These each help contextualize the shots – who we’re seeing, what happened to Kylo and the philosophy of the Jedi respectively – but also helps frame the trailer as part of Rey’s vision and suggests the movie itself will be delving a little more into the past (or at least using it as a learning point). The lines could just be included for effect, although as both Yoda and Obi-Wan could be heard in Rey’s vision from The Force Awakens (with Ewan McGregor recording a new line) it definitely makes sense she’d hear them. Some theories even posit that Force Ghosts of the two characters will appear.


While the training in the trailer mostly appears to be on the spiritual side, Rey’s still going to need that lightsaber to take down Kylo Ren. One of the most coolest shots is a pan round the island that reveals her practicing her swing with the Skywalker saber as Luke watches on. Although this is more physical training, it’s still rather Force-intuitive; Rey isn’t practicing with any props (we know the remote is still on the Falcon), but merely learning her style.

The fact she’s still using the Skywalker saber may reveal something more about Luke. Of course she has little alternative, but the Jedi Master seems to have reached a point where – like Yoda or the Emperor – his power has passed the need for such a weapon.


After the now-customary “This Christmas” card, we cut away from the Force to the bigger galactic fight, in particular to what looks to be something of a Battle of Hoth rematch. This is the Battle of Crait (the name was leaked recently and confirmed by Lucasfilm), a new salt-flat planet, which sees speeders (presumably belonging to the Resistance, although they could be local rebels) taking on First Order walkers, described as bulkier versions of AT-ATs called AT-4Xs.

Based on leaked descriptions, these “gorilla walkers” are hulked behemoths, bigger than the Empire counterpart and with a more arched back design (hence the name).


While the looming, hulking transports are menacing, what stands out most from the Crait sequence are the skimmer fighters that appear to hang low to the ground, using a downward rod for balance. These are a very unique design – a mixture of podracers, Snowspeeders and Cloud Cars, although neither callback tells the full story.

Going into battle, the rods kicks up plumes of red, which may be a clue to why the First Order is invading. Crait is a mining world that the Resistance takes up residence on (presumably after their D’Qar base has been evacuated – which we’re getting to). The red plumes are also an incredibly fun George Lucas Easter egg, tactically referencing his World War II drama Red Tails.


At the end of The Force Awakens, Finn was left seriously wounded by his mismatched fight with Kylo Ren, getting impaled by his crossguard and sliced in the back. It was rumored last year that the former Stormtrooper wouldn’t recover from his wounds easily and would be wearing a bacta suit – the healing substance in the Star Wars galaxy that Luke was submerged in after his Wampa attack in Empire – which can be seen here in the trailer. How long he’ll have to wear it for is unclear.

This is all we actually see of John Boyega’s character in the teaser, but Finn is set to play an important part in The Last Jedi. Boyega revealed at the panel that the character would have to make the decision whether to join the Resistance fight or just keep running from the First Order, and previously trailer rumors suggested he’d be on an undercover mission.


Next up are the final two of our main heroes – Resistance master pilot Poe Dameron and droid BB-8. Poe is set to have a bigger role in The Last Jedi after sitting a big chunk of The Force Awakens out (due to his character being originally set to die in the first act), while Rian Johnson revealed on the panel everyone’s second-favorite droid (R2-D2 still rules the roost) would be as prominent as in The Last Jedi. The pair are back together after the Starkiller Base attack, piloting Poe’s black X-Wing.

What you can also see in this shot is a better look inside the Resistance cruiser seen earlier. It’s got a general design very evocative of what was seen in the originals, from the Tantive IV to Admiral Ackbar’s Home One, but with some added red decals that, while simple, distinguish the design and make them look a bit more advanced.


Poe and BB-8 are running because their ship is under attack; as they run into the hangar – typical of the Rebel hangars from Return of the Jedi, having a rather disorganized structure – blue First Order torpedoes (just visible outside of the airlock) smash into the ship, causing massive explosions that engulf Poe’s black X-Wing. Based on previous speculation, it would seem that this action set-piece (which we may actually see a little more of later in the trailer) occurs early in the film – something that further puts the Resistance on the backfoot after the destruction of the New Republic (and somewhat undoes the elation after Starkiller Base’s destruction).


The Force Awakens had a very limited set of Resistance fighters – pretty much just new-era X-Wings and crew transports. The Last Jedi is really adding to that – as well as the new speeders on Crait and the cruisers themselves, there’s the return of another classic trilogy ship: the A-Wing. The fastest ship in the Rebel fleet as of Return of the Jedi, one fighter can be seen in the hangar explosion to the left of Poe, and some are shown later in the space battle itself.

In the teaser it’s hard to tell what updates (if any) have been made to the design, but they’re sure to be revealed on Force Friday – this is a prime merchandising opportunity. Indeed, it’s not the only classic vehicle getting a fresh upgrade in the film; although it isn’t seen here, Kylo Ren will have his own version of the TIE Advanced, a variant akin to his grandfather’s.


Of course, you can’t have a new Star Wars without the Falcon. The ship appears briefly in the teaser pursued by First Order TIE fighters, taking as many down as it can. However, while that’s to be expected, it does pose a few questions. The ship was flown by Rey, Chewie and R2-D2 to Ahch-To and based on photos revealed at the panel will remain there during Rey’s training, meaning it can’t be involved in the Resistance escape from D’Qar, and the planet doesn’t look like Crait either. It’s possible that this is Ahch-To, with the group trying to escape once the Empire finds it, but it could also be featured later during a final battle.

The presence of the Falcon also raises the question of who’s flying it. Per The Force Awakens, Rey and Chewie are the co-pilots, although how that interaction continues as Rey goes on her own Jedi-ending arc is unclear (in fact, how the Wookiee factors into the movie in general is a big question).


After a whole thirty seconds not on screen, the movie’s hero returns. Rey is running into action, igniting her lightsaber as she goes full pelt against/after some enemy. The location is unique in the trailer – it’s a flat expanse with rocky surrounds, but based on known plot points it is likely still Ahch-To – just a different place to the main island we’ve seen. That suggests this is from the rumored fight sequence when Kylo Ren arrives on the planet and engages Rey in combat.

Regardless, as Ridley still isn’t sporting her long hair seen on the movie’s merchandise banner, this sequence probably comes at the latest around the movie’s midpoint.


Adam Driver wasn’t in attendance at The Last Jedi panel and very little information was given about Kylo Ren’s role in the film – most Dark Side information was simply about the First Order in general – but he does make a brief appearance in the trailer. It’s mostly Driver looking as you’d expect – brandishing his red crossguard saber with an angry stare – but with one key addition: he now sports a scar, a souvenir of his showdown against Rey on Starkiller Base. It’s not quite as pronounced as it appeared at the end of The Force Awakens, although the shot has been perfectly chosen to keep the full extent of the damage hidden.

Because of the close-up nature of the shot it’s hard to make out where exactly Kylo is. It may be part of the First Order attack on the Resistance ships, although Episode VII‘s ending alluded to him going to train with Snoke. The editing of the trailer makes it seem like Ahch-To, so perhaps the flames are of the Jedi tree. Oh dear!


Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be the first film in the series to have a flashback, or will at the very least feature an expository vision. Near the climax we get a shot of a hooded Luke kneeling down next to R2-D2 as a temple burns in the distance, which should be instantly recognizable to any Star Wars fan – we saw this scene from another angle in The Force Awakens. Yes, this is the destruction of Luke’s Jedi Temple by Ben Solo, glimpsed briefly in Rey’s lightsaber-induced vision.

Beyond confirming that this event – including Kylo Ren’s fall to the Dark – will be expanded upon in Episode VIII, we finally get a look of what Luke’s school looks like and evidence of Kylo’s slaughter; you can see bodies strewn across the ground between Luke and the building, the massacre of which was also seen in Rey’s vision.


The shot of Captain Phasma – who has somehow escaped both a trash compacter and the destruction of Starkiller – coming out of the flames flanked by her squadron may at first appear to be linked to the previous shot of the Jedi Academy, but that’s just the product of very effective trailer editing. This is actually from the attack on the Resistance ship, evidenced by the reflective floor and hangar entrance in the corner. She is likely the one leading the attack, given that Hux and Kylo are at this time visiting Snoke.

After being the Boba Fett of The Force Awakens – she was featured heavily in the marketing and merchandise but played a rather insignificant role with minimal screentime – Phasma is set to have a much bigger role in The Last Jedi, leading the First Order charge.


The trailer reaches its climax with two shots from the sequel trilogy’s first space battle. We’ve seen the interior view of this already with Poe and Phasma, but now it’s clear what’s happening. This is the Resistance leaving their base on D’Qar seen in The Force Awakens, only to be intercepted by the enemy (who had already tried to destroy the planet with Starkiller). This is likely going to put the heroes on the run throughout the movie and lead some of the rebellion group to Crait. This will presumably happen early on in the movie – either straight after the crawl or following Luke and Rey’s first meeting.

As for the battle itself, the two shots show TIE forces coming up against X-Wings and A-Wings, as well as revealing larger Resistance ships, presumably the modern update of cargo transports.


The Last Jedi title isn’t hyperbole – the trailer comes to its finish with Luke delivering the devastating line, “I only know one truth: it’s time for the Jedi to end.” There’s a myriad of possibilities for what this could actually mean – balance in the Force means the destruction of Light and Dark, Luke is a gray Jedi, Luke is becoming like Bendu, Luke’s gone to the Dark Side, Luke accepts organized structures are fundamentally flawed – but one’s thing’s for certain; the Star Wars galaxy will never be the same.

His declaration plays out over a shot of Skywalker stood at the entrance of what at first appears to be a cave on Ahch-To, but is in fact the Jedi tree seen earlier in the trailer. Brightening the image reveals Rey’s staff to the side of entrance, suggesting he’s just sent his apprentice into its depths, possibly to see a vision – the teaser may be going full circle, with this experience being what caused her to fall to the ground.


The teaser comes to an end with an epic rescoring of the main Star Wars theme over the film’s logo, really hammering home that this story is darker and more serious than what we’ve seen before. What’s of real interest in the music, however, is what comes after that main burst.

As the date card comes up, the music fades into a dark, choral drone, almost underscoring everything we’ve seen with a true foreboding sense. Whether this is a reference to Snoke, the legacy of the Emperor or something else is unclear, but it’s a galaxy away from the teasing lightsaber ignition of The Force Awakens‘ first teaser.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

The Last Jedi Trailer comparisons

Source: ScreenRant

The arrival of the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Friday was met with tremendous excitement amid the hysteria at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. At last, the world had caught a glimpse of Rian Johnson’s vision for the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, the continuation of Rey’s journey, the re-emergence of a long-exiled Luke Skywalker, the return of Finn and Poe and Kylo Ren and BB-8.

Fans immediately started breaking down the teaser in search of clues about the new movie’s still-mysterious plot. In amongst all the analysis, some fans noticed something else about the teaser: its striking similarities to the second teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Last Jedi’s Trailer is the same as The Force Awakens

Observant YouTube user James VanFleet fired up his editing tools and put together a side-by-side comparison of the Last Jedi and Force Awakens teasers, and it turns out they are more-or-less identical in format. Each teaser runs down the same checklist of elements: setting up new-trilogy characters with a particular emphasis on Rey, bringing in voice-over that sets a certain mood, calling back to original trilogy characters, reminding the world that Star Wars owns the Christmas release window, teasing action and space battles, and then one last blast of nostalgia courtesy of an original character speaking dialog on-screen. Music, editing, shot selection all uncannily mirror each other, as VanFleet’s clip shows.

At the very end of the clip, VanFleet drives home the point of how closely the Last Jedi teaser adheres to the formula laid down by the teasers for The Force Awakens: he shows the slow fade-in that leads to our first, somewhat startling look at Rey in the Last Jedi teaser along with the now-famous “boo” moment from the very first Force Awakens teaser when we saw the desert of Jakku and then suddenly Finn appeared. The two images sync up perfectly, highlighting these parallels as likely intentional.

The Last Jedi Teaser compared to clips from The Force Awakens Trailers

Source: Mashable

Another YouTube user, Morphin Bad, noticed that The Last Jedi Teaser has shots look familiar with scenes in the trailers for The Force Awakens and made an exhausting but incredible editing work putting shots from trailers of TFA side-by-side with the The Last Jedi Teaser. The result is awesome.

As The Last Jedi trailer unspools on the right, clips mostly taken from The Force Awakens‘ teasers and trailers (with a handful of exceptions taken straight from the film), have been edited together and presented on the left. While it’s not exactly a one-to-one comparison, it’s still a gentle reminder of why this new trailer feels familiar — almost certainly on purpose — and why we feel very, very excited and please December just get here already.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Disney, a company committed to maximizing the value of an incredibly important asset, would adopt a strict “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” policy when it comes to marketing. There’s no denying the effectiveness of the marketing for The Force Awakens, and it makes sense that Disney would stick to that template, even going so far as to copy the first movie’s teasers beat-for-beat.

The Last Jedi Teaser matches Man of Steel’s perfectly

Source: ScreenRant

From the moment Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi‘s trailer dropped, fans spotted a few images eerily similar to Zack Snyder’s own Man of Steel marketing. The truth is… fans had no idea just how right they were. It was hard for comic book fans to miss the obvious parallels between the two films and trailers, with Rey’s hand most noticeably causing tiny pebbles to float in the exact fashion of Henry Cavill’s Superman origin story. But when you dig deeper and actually play the two trailers side by side… the results are downright spooky. And no, we’re not exaggerating.

We’ve gone to the trouble of laying the audio of Man of Steel‘s second trailer over the first Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, so fans eager to see the results won’t need to struggle with the synchronizing themselves. The fusion of audio and video works far better than one would ever think, and shows that director Rian Johnson’s own visual style in the galaxy far, far away comes from a similar school as Snyder’s, if not paying outright homage. And as good as the Last Jedi trailer is, once you’ve seen this video, it may be hard to ever see it – or hear it – the same.

For clarification, the Man of Steel audio and that of The Last Jedi trailer are synchronized from the start at exact zero, which makes the eerie parallels and double meanings so startling (not to mention the synchronized cuts to black). We have made just a single edit, due to the Man of Steel trailer running approximately twenty seconds longer than The Last Jedi‘s. There’s no forced trickery, though: we simply cut the additional time prior to the point at which Man of Steel‘s own musical crescendo kicks off, so that it matches the same moment in John Williams’s Last Jedi score.

To reiterate: the Man of Steel audio up to the point of Rey’s lightsaber training is completely untouched, as is what follows, exactly as presented in the official Man of Steel Trailer #2. Even before our single edit, the paired trailers reveal the following mindbending, heartbreaking, and utterly confounding moments:

  • Martha Kent’s (Diane Lane) line, “Focus on my voice. Pretend it’s an island, out in the ocean” as The Last Jedi reveals exactly that, Luke Skywalker’s home on Ahch-To.
  • The question of “what Clark did,” as Rey shows off her power to manipulate matter around her, as Clark later can.
  • Young Clark asking if keeping his powers secret truly means letting those die whom he could save… as the Last Jedi reveals General Leia observing a starship’s control console, played by the late Carrie Fisher.
  • Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) wondering in response if letting some die for a greater good actually would be best… as Kylo Ren’s smashed helmet lies smoking.
  • Clark (Henry Cavill) stating “I have so many questions…” as a beam of light illuminates what we believes to be Luke Skywalker’s prized Jedi books of wisdom, which he will use to teach Rey the ways of The Force.
  • Clark asking “where do I come from?” as a hand, believed to be Luke’s, reaches out to touch the ancient symbol of the first Jedi, suggesting this book may actually be ‘The Journal of The Whills,’ an ancient book literally explaining where the Jedi came from.

At that point comes our edit, which we state once again, isn’t intending to artificially force any parallels. The rising change in Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel score is simply aligned with the “This Christmas” title card, which in the trailer is likewise aligned to John Williams’s own score for the same purposes. Even if some will point to that as manipulation, the music is unedited from there. The explosions punctuating the music, and the final dialogue of Clark Kent’s question, Luke’s proclamation that the Jedi must end, and the soaring title are the product of Man of Steel‘s trailer score, to its own conclusion.

While the similar imagery, be it Rey’s hand pulling stones from the ground as Superman’s did, or even the familiar shot of a hand reaching out to touch the character’s origins – for Clark, a childhood photo, and for Luke, the aforementioned Journal of the Whills. On one hand, they’re both evocative for the same reasons… on the other, Man of Steel fans may point to the different reactions Zack Snyder tends to receive with the early excitement and praise for Rian Johnson’s work. It’s hard to dispute that there is a difference by now, but more than anything, this mash-up shows just how much artistry as well as science goes in to cutting a blockbuster trailer.

The slow opening, use of blackness to punctuate the setting or broad ideas, before the music builds to meet a coming montage of action and spectacle. All closing in to one somber thought, the final word of a pivotal character, and the theme audiences should be left considering and, in the case of these two films, searching for an answer of their own to the questions the film will raise.

Still, the presentation of an island in the middle of the ocean as Martha Kent describes one boggles the mind, as does the reference to the late Carrie Fisher (and, presumably, General Leia before Episode 9). The pursuit of the knowledge needed to know oneself in both trailers suggests this can’t be a coincidence, and the synchronization of Man of Steel‘s music to the Star Wars visuals now give audiences TWO incredible composers to choose between.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Source: ScreenRant

Disney/Lucasfilm have unveiled the long-awaited first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As the sequel to the monumentally successful The Force Awakens, audiences have been greatly anticipating the eighth chapter of the Skywalker family saga ever since Episode VII ended with the tantalizing cliffhanger of Rey and Luke Skywalker’s fateful first meeting. Writer/director Rian Johnson is eschewing franchise tradition by having his film pick up just moments from where its predecessor left off, allowing viewers to experience the immediate aftermath of the galaxy-altering events of The Force Awakens.

Over the past few months, various rumors have appeared on the Internet, teasing everything from the movie’s locations to the vehicles that will be used in the action set pieces. Disney privately screened a sizzle reel for attendees at a recent investors’ meeting, but the general public has been waiting for what seems like ages to get their initial look at what Johnson and company have in store. Lucasfilm used Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando to officially kickoff the Episode VIII marketing campaign with the new trailer.

Watch The Last Jedi trailer:

Though earlier rumors had speculated the preview would have a “full trailer feel,” this is definitely a teaser that only presents the barest bones of the plot. Confirming that Luke will in fact speak, the trailer begins with the Jedi offering some words of guidance to Rey while she trains on Ahch-To. After being told to “just breathe” and “reach out,” the young scavenger sees images that represent the Light and Dark sides of the Force to form a balance. Skywalker mentions that there’s much more to it all, and closes out the trailer by rather ominously (in complete silhouette) saying that it is “time for the Jedi to end,” peeling back a new layer on the meaning of the film’s official title.

Fans are also treated to some glimpses of the movie’s action set pieces, including a showdown between Resistance ships and what appear to be the First Order’s “Gorilla walkers,” the Millennium Falcon in flight amidst some TIE fighters, and the latest epic Star Wars space battle. There’s also a hint of a second duel between Rey and Kylo Ren, as two shots of the Force users with lightsabers in hand are shown back-to-back towards the end of the trailer. One of the biggest takeaways is that The Last Jedi looks visually stunning, which isn’t entirely surprising for the franchise. Still, the various images here are quite breathtaking – from the landscapes of Skellig Michael to the mysterious planet that features Hoth-esque ground assault.

All in all, Episode VIII looks to be following the tried and true formula of any trilogy by having the middle chapter be the darkest one. In contrast from the more nostalgic-driven marketing campaign for The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm seems to be taking their prized possession in a very different direction, inspiring a sense of dread and uneasiness from the audience. Whether it’s Luke and R2-D2 seeing the remains of a Jedi Temple or the Resistance base under attack, things aren’t going to be going smoothly this time around – and even some legendary heroes may not live up to our expectations.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer – five things we learned

Source: The Guardian

During Friday’s special panel for new episode The Last Jedi at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Lucasfilm shown the first trailer for Rian Johnson’s highly-anticipated new movie. Here are five takeaways from the two-minute teaser.

Luke finally has some lines of dialogue

Mark Hamill has expressed plenty of good natured disappointment about his fleeting, mute appearance in The Force Awakens. But the good news is that The Last Jedi seems set to give fans the Luke Skywalker-centred movie they might have thought they were getting last time out. Hamill is the only actor given lines in the teaser, and it looks like he’s doing his best to bring Daisy Ridley’s Rey – here shown practising her lightsaber moves on the cliffside in a shot lifted straight from The Karate Kid – up to speed with the Force. However, those who were expecting to see Skywalker as a Yoda-like mentor, determined to ensure that the young Jakku scavenger find herself on the right side of the ubiquitous energy field, might just be in for a searing dose of Force lighting to the cerebrum.

And it’s clear he has the Jedi in his crosshairs

Director Rian Johnson wasn’t kidding with that title, for it seems Luke has come to the conclusion that training a new generation of Jedi to fight the First Order is a pointless process. “I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end,” he says, in the process of one sentence throwing all received Star Wars wisdom into complete and utter chaos. Why must the Jedi end? Is Luke just sulking because Ben Solo turned to the dark side, murdered all his disciples and chose the way of a hideous masked Darth Vader wannabe? Or is there something more epochal about that startling statement? Might the rigidly binary system of Jedi and Sith be the reason the Force can never be truly balanced? And if so, what will replace these stalwarts of the saga?

Phasma is back, and this time she’s bringing the scorched earth tactics

The last time we saw Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma, she was about to be dumped down a First Order rubbish chute. But surely that’s the chrome-plated behemoth striding through the flames with her stormtroopers, and unless our eyes are playing tricks on us, she appears to have burned down a building Luke cares about deeply. Otherwise, why is the Jedi Knight wistfully watching its destruction with R2-D2 at his side? Is this the lost Jedi temple (which we know Skywalker set out to find) burning in the night? If so it seems likely the scene represents some kind of flashback.

Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren has ditched the mask – for now, at least

Ren’s Vader-like headwear most likely never made it off Starkiller Base, where he dropped it during that climactic encounter with Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. But quite why the ruined remains of the black mask are being given such prominence – the shot explicitly recalls the scene featuring Vader’s crumpled helmet in The Force Awakens – is a mystery. Ren still looks likely to be the main antagonist of The Last Jedi – he’s in the new teaser poster alongside Luke and Rey – but might the fact the patricidal maniac’s no longer hiding his face signify something greater in the grand scheme of things? There has been speculation, of course, that the new Star Wars trilogy will be the story of Ben Solo’s journey from the dark side back to the light.

Carrie Fisher’s Leia will play a pivotal role

Quite how Disney and LucasFilm are planning to deal with Fisher’s death in Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX remains a mystery, but we do know the much-missed star had finished shooting all her scenes for The Last Jedi. Her appearance in the teaser, complete with ornate new hairstyle, suggests General Leia Organa will have an important part to play in the story, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed as much during the film’s panel at Star Wars Celebration in Florida on Friday. “Carrie is remarkable in the movie,” she said. “The performance she ended up giving, and what Rian wrote, I think you guys are going to find that an amazing tribute to her talent.”

Final talking points

What are those ornate tomes embedded in the rock formations? Books of old Jedi lore that Luke’s about to throw out? What’s Chewbacca doing while Rey learns to wax on, wax off? What’s with that shot of old parchment bearing the Jedi symbol? And when on Earth are we going to find out more about the Knights of Ren?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December, 15.

Rogue One gets an Honest Trailer

Source: ScreenRant

If you are a fan of Star Wars, it’s a great time to be alive. The franchise is in the midst of a resurgence unlike any other effort in motion picture history, as Disney and Lucasfilm aggressively expand the world of of Star Wars into a fully-functional cinematic universe. In 2015, J.J. Abrams successfully reinvigorated the property with the mega-success, The Force Awakens, which reskinned the franchise for a new generation, while paying respect to what has come before. The release also happened to pave the way for the first spinoff story in the series, Rogue One.

And Screen Junkies’ infamous comedy series, Honest Trailers, is here to pick apart the spin-off while pointing out every glaring flaw in film. Such as, the primary heist that seemed overly complicated and convoluted, the questionable morals of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), Darth Vader’s dad jokes, how Chirrut (Donnie Yen) was essentially a pseudo-Jedi, and the complete ineffectiveness of Stormtroopers’ armor that now may be their defining characteristic over their legendarily bad aim.

The Most Expensive Plot Hole Filler Ever

If you had been following the promotional campaign leading up to the release of the Rogue One, you probably noticed a large amount of the scenes from the trailers that didn’t make it into the film’s final cut. These include the crew of Rogue One’s escape on Scarif’s beach with the Death Star’s hard drive, Stormtroopers marching on the beach’s shore, and Jyn’s (Felicity Jones) face-off with a TIE Fighter, among other scenes. These omissions points to extensive reshoots that were reported during the movie’s production last year. There have been conflicting reports over the nature of the changes, however it’s clear that a lot was left on the cutting room floor and that there were major alterations to the film’s original vision.

Fortunately for Star Wars fans, despite all of the inconsistencies that Screen Junkies brings to light, the movie was an unquestioned success. It also has laid a sturdy foundation for Lucasfilm to launch an all-new series of spin-off adventures from the Star Wars universe.

Fan-Made Trailer sells Rogue One on VHS

Source: ScreenRant.

As technology has continuously evolved, so has the way moviegoers watch their favorite films at home. These days, the dominant forms are Blu-ray disc and digital HD, allowing fans to relive all the greatest moments in the clearest video and audio quality. Watching a blockbuster in the theater can still be an experience like no other (especially if it’s in IMAX), but few things are better than watching a modern tentpole like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on a widescreen TV from the comfort of one’s own living room. With everything available, there’s never been a better time to design a home theater system.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this. In the early days of home media, VHS was the top choice, placing the film on a video tape (or possibly more, depending on its length). Obviously, the format is now defunct and hasn’t been produced for a number of years, but those who grew up with VCRs can still be nostalgic for their old school charm. It’s for this reason YouTube user Damien Kazan Filmmaker has created a fan-made trailer imagining a VHS release for Rogue One. You can watch it below.

There’s great attention to detail here, as the short clip is even presented in the classic “pan and scan” aspect ratio that fit the older 4:3 televisions that were in many home entertainment systems before HD became in vogue. Little touches like the tracking effect and standard definition quality add to the teaser, and it comes across as a touching homage to a bygone era. The project is quite similar to the VHS advertisements that were released for the original trilogy, complete with voice over selling the merits of the film to appeal to viewers.

One interesting thing about this trailer is that when Rogue One is shown in standard definition, the footage looks like even more of a recreation of the settings and vehicles from the original films. The masters at ILM worked tirelessly to ensure there was a strong amount of visual consistency between the spinoff and A New Hope (even though four decades separate them), and the action sequences here appear to be pulled right out of one of the first movies – even though Rogue One was made with modern CGI and revolutionary camera techniques to craft a new sense of realism.

Obviously, Rogue One will never see the light of day on VHS, but this is still a fun video to check out as fans gear up for the Blu-ray release next week. And another proof how much creative some Star Wars die-hard fans are when they try to homage and show their love for the space saga.