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Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer shot by shot

Disney revealed at the Star Wars Celebration a new trailer, clips and details for Star Wars Rebels season 3, set to return in the fall of this year. If you have not watched the trailer yet, here’s another chance:

Now, grab your lightsaber and let’s take a look shot by shot at the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 official trailer.

Source: Chris Miller from StarWarsReport.Com


Over the Lucasfilm logo we hear lightsabers ignite, Darth Vader breathing, and Ezra yelling Ahsoka’s name, immediately evoking the end of Season 2 and the mysterious fate of Ahsoka.


“Battles leave scars. Some you can’t see.”

Kanan meditating… while levitating Loth-cats? Note the design on his mask. It is the same design as Captain Rex’s helmet. Dave Filoni said this represents Kanan’s growth in accepting Rex as an ally since Season 2.


“I will never let my friends get hurt again!” – Ezra

Ezra is still in pain from leaving Ahsoka behind and it is having a dangerous effect on him. Note that the red eyes of the center mask begin to glow (that is where he keeps the Sith holocron and perhaps it is reacting to his dark thoughts).


“I’m afraid it’s changing him.” – Kanan

Ezra with the Sith holocron from the end of Season 2. Like Anakin, Ezra is being tempted to the dark side through the desire to save the ones he cares for.


“What if there are secrets we can learn from it that will help us destroy the Sith?” – Ezra


“Ezra, the secrets in that thing almost destroyed you.” – Kanan


“There are Imperial cadets at the Skystrike Academy who wish to defect to the rebels.” – Fulcrum

It looks like a new “Fulcrum” (still using Ahsoka’s symbol) is contacting the rebels. I’m guessing Filoni will do more to hide the voice this time.


The Skystrike Academy.



“This is TIE SS25. You can call me Wedge.”

Wedge Antilles is introduced in the Rebels universe and given a new backstory. In Legends he was never a TIE pilot, but joined the Rebellion when his girlfriend was killed.


The guy on the right could be Tycho Celchu, a character created by author Michael A. Stackpole for his X-Wing series of novels. This theory was suggested by Mark Hurliman in his recent recap article.


“Still can’t believe we’re here to break this guy out of prison.” – Sabine

In a lighter moment, the Ghost crew frees Hondo Ohnaka, presumably to get some vital information from him.


“My friends! My friends!” – Hondo Ohnaka


“I give to you, Reclam Station.” – Hondo


“If we could steal a squadrons worth….” – Hera

Hondo gives them information on where they can find Y-wings.


“…They would be key to building a strike fleet.” – Jun


“Let’s go get em!” –Ezra


“Everybody ready?”  Kanan, Ezra and Rex prepare for battle.


The return of the battle droids. I wonder if this place is a holdover from the Clone Wars.


Cham Syndulla fighting alongside Hera, Zeb, and Sabine.


“One last glorious day in the Grand Army of the Republic.” — Captain Rex


Captain Rex preparing for what he believes could be his last battle?


A mysterious pilot hammering through a TIE fighter in a YT-2400 light freighter. Dave Filoni clarified during Celebration that this isn’t Legend favorite Dash Rendar or his ship, the Outrider,just the same ship type.



Kanan and Ezra working together, jumping from a roof (back on Lothal?), and in disguise, punching out stormtroopers.


A return to Concord Dawn.


“Flying stormtroopers?” – Ezra

Dave Filoni said that the white armor is a reference to the original design of Boba Fett’s armor, initially a design for special forces stormtroopers. The line “flying stormtroopers” is probably a reference to this as well.

Note the triangle symbol on their helmets. There is also a triangle design on Kanan’s chest. I don’t know if this is a known design or what possible connection they have.


“Worse. Mandalorians who serve the Empire.” – Fenn Rau


Sabine and Ezra taking on the Imperial Mandalorians. They seem to be alone on this mission. Is Sabine doing this unsanctioned?



“You haven’t forgotten our ways. That has earned my respect.” – Fenn Rau

Fenn, a former enemy of the Rebels, seems to have changed his attitude on the Empire and Sabine.



Ezra and Zeb fighting Dark trooper inspired droids?


Lothal’s Governor Pryce, seen here for the first time.


“Governor Pryce, these rebels have proven particularly stubborn. How do you intend to solve this problem?” – Tarkin


“I need someone who sees a bigger picture.” – Governor Pryce


“The Empire is getting better at anticipating our moves. I underestimated the commander.”


“This attack was swift… precise.” – Cham




“To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics… but their history, philosophy, art.” – Thrawn

In arguably the biggest announcement to come out of Celebration, Grand Admiral Thrawn is now canon. We see Thrawn studying the Ghost crew. As Thrawn fans know, he infamously learns how to defeat his enemies not only by studying their battle tactics, but by studying the art of their cultures. Note what looks to be the mask of a Jedi Temple Guard on Thrawn’s desk. There is also a nod to the ysalamiri lizards with the two figures behind Thrawn.


In Legends, the ysalamiri were Force negating creatures used by Thrawn against Force users.


Dave Filoni confirmed that this is just a nod to Thrawn’s origins and that the Force negating creatures will not be canon. He and George Lucas had already determined during the making ofThe Clone Wars that they did not really fit Lucas’s universe. Lucas told Filoni that since the Force is within all life, no natural creature would negate it.


“Grand Admiral Thrawn!” – Hera


Though blind, Kanan diverts a missile with the Force.


“Embrace your destiny.” Maul tempting his “pupil.”


Ezra being drawn to the power of the Sith holocron.


Several ghostly entities emerge from an alter before Ezra.




Maul and Ezra combine the Jedi and Sith holocrons. What will this do, and what is the purpose?


52“Jedi and Sith… The light and the dark… I’m the one in the middle. The Bendu.”

The Bendu is a being said to represent the middle way of the Force, between the light and the dark. How Kanan came to him, whether it is a vision or reality, and what the purpose of the visit is remains a mystery (except to those who have seen the season premiere at Celebration).

The word “Bendu” was part of the original name George Lucas gave to the Jedi in his original drafts: the Jedi Bendu.



“Once a secret is known… it cannot be unknown.” – The Bendu


“Your anger gives you strength.” – Unidentified female voice

Ezra drawn deeper towards the dark side.


“I will pull the rebels apart, piece by piece.” – Thrawn


I believe this is Nightsister “magick” that is possessing Kanan. The green mist certainly matches.

Could this be Mother Talzin herself? She was supposedly killed in the Son of Dathomir comics, but she also possessed Count Dooku before that in the same comic. If you look closely, Talzin’s hood and shoulder pads seem to match this entity. And that looks to be an unconscious Sabine in front of Kanan!



Pics from The Clone Wars.


Maul using the Force on Hera.


“I must become more powerful.” – Ezra

Ezra fighting Maul. And more of that Anakin vibe coming through in Ezra’s dialogue.


“They’ll be the architects of their own destruction.” –  Thrawn


Kanan possessed by the green mist from the alter. Did Ezra unleash this by messing with the holocrons, or did Kanan choose this? Is he the one ultimately drawn to the dark side?


Sabine holding the darksaber, an ancient Jedi weapon that was stolen by Manalorians centuries before the Clone Wars. The saber was then handed down to members of House Vizsla. Darth Maul killed Pre Vizsla, then leader of the terrorist group Death Watch. Maul took the saber and became leader of Death Watch for a time. Sabine is a member of House Vizsla, so she may be reclaiming the blade for her family. Is this a dark turn for Sabine?


Hera in the clutches of Thrawn?


“Ezra, turn away before it’s too late!” – Kanan


The combining of the Sith and Jedi holocrons has an explosive effect.


Star Wars Rebels season 3 will air on Disney XD in fall 2016.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3: The Force will be challenged


Source: ScreenRant.Com

The Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale found Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano visiting a Sith temple in Malachor for knowledge. The finale featured the return of Darth Maul, a major Ahsoka-Darth Vader fight and Ezra’s temptation towards the dark side getting deeper. However, the episode ended with the collapse of the Sith temple with Ahsoka still inside, while Kanan, who was blinded by Darth Maul, managed to escape with Ezra. The fate of Ahsoka and Darth Maul was left hanging as season 2 came to an end.

Well, Star Wars Celebration revealed a new trailer, clips and details for Star Wars Rebels season 3, set to return in the fall of this year. As fans were left wondering if Ezra was being swayed by the power of the Dark Side, the trailer for Star Wars Rebels also confirms the debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn and highlights Ezra’s ongoing struggles with the Sith Holocron (which is beginning to turn him mad). Darth Maul also tries to make Ezra his apprentice, as the Sith Lord notices how much Ezra is being pulled towards the Dark Side of the Force.


In season three of Star Wars Rebels, the Force will be explored in completely new ways. The Force itself is the energy that flows through all living things, connecting and binding the universe, but it can also be manipulated by those who are strongly connected to it. Rebels season 3 will introduce a new ancient being, The Bendu (who lives with both the light and dark side present), and explore how different sides of the Force either clash or combine through main characters like Ezra, Darth Maul, and Kanan.

In a recent interview with Comic Book at Star Wars Celebration, showrunner Dave Filoni explained how the Force will affect Star Wars Rebels:

“I’ve gone as far as to say, when you’re a great pilot [in the Star Wars galaxy], are you using the Force? Probably! You’re in the moment. You can’t push and pull things to you – you don’t have that discipline – but you’re kinetically dodging a bunch of asteroids, which the odds of doing according to Threepio are almost impossible. What does that mean, when Han has this lack of faith, that he’s doing things [like that]?”

“Having the Force doesn’t mean you’re a superhero. It’s not that at all; it’s just being in the moment and being very true and flowing through the Force to do great things. Athletes talk about being ‘In the zone.’ They’ll say they’ve only been ‘in the zone’ twice in their entire sports professional career. Jedi are in the zone way more often than that, but they’re exceptional.”

He went on to explain that just because one has a connection with the Force, doesn’t mean they need special training:

“It takes training and discipline. Without these things, it’s dangerous. When don’t you need training and discipline? When you’re gifted; it comes easy, like Anakin, thus if it comes to you easy, you might not value it as much as somebody who has fought hard to win that skill, to earn that skill. When that happens, you can unfortunately become corrupted. You see gifted people become arrogant, they think they’re special and better than anyone else because they’re powerful and gifted – Anakin. These are the things I just relate it to real life, and I’m always interested in the Force.”

And as far as Bendu is concerned, he refers to himself as “the middle” in the trailer:

“He’s one of those guys who is outside the realm of that ‘clash of light and dark.’

I like to think of Bendu as just being very tired. You heard him in the episode yesterday say ‘You woke me up from a deep slumber,’ and part of Bendu’s thing is he’d like to go back to sleep, but the Rebels keep making all this noise, there’s all this torment over there. They’re young compared to him, and they’re like babies crying in the background. He respects their use of the Force, and respects that they have their own discipline, but he could get tired of it and curl back up and say ‘don’t bother me!”

Star Wars Rebels, the acclaimed animated series, takes place during an era when the Galactic Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy. Imperial forces are hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights while a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking form. The storyline follows crew of the Ghost (including a couple that are force-sensitives) as they fight against the Empire. After The Clone Wars was cancelled, Rebels picks up fourteen years after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and five years before Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Since the shocking finale of Star Wars Rebels season 2, fans have been eagerly awaiting these details concerning season 3.


Star Wars Rebels season 3 will air on Disney XD in fall 2016.

Star Wars Celebration 2016 highlights


Well, the Star Wars Celebration 2016 it’s over, but there are many videos on Internet when you can view or review some of its best moments. I’m sharing some of them. All videos from Disney Experience Channel on YouTube.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story Panel (hosted by Gwendoline Christie)

An Hour with Mark Hamill Panel

Carrie Fisher: The Princess Diaries Panel

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Panel (hosted by Warwick Davis)

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer Grand Admiral Thrawn Reveal

Rogue One won’t have an opening crawl


Source: ScreenRant.

Few things in pop culture are as instantly recognizable as the Star Wars opening crawl. To date, the seven films in the franchise have all started this way; three paragraphs in yellow font soar up the screen as John Williams’ rousing musical score booms through the speakers. It’s an efficient way to set the context for the movie to follow, establishing the basic conflict and state of the characters before the adventure truly starts.

The crawl is such a part of Star Wars‘ DNA that even the books and comics feature a variation of the idea to guide readers into the narrative. However, fans may soon see a piece of Star Wars media that comes without a text crawl. Lucasfilm is looking for ways to differentiate the Skywalker family saga films (the numbered episodes) from the new standalone Star Wars Story label, which kicks off this December with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After some discussion, it appears that the opening crawl is getting axed for the spinoffs and won’t be a part of Gareth Edwards’ film.

Speaking with ET during Star Wars Celebration 2016 this past weekend, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy addressed the matter, citing the first moments of the Rogue One panel (in which the New Hope text crawl was cut off – and you can watch in the video above) as an illustration of what’s to come:

“You know, we’re in the midst of talking about it, but I don’t think these films will have an opening crawl. I think that’s what we kind of telegraphed at the beginning of the event today.”

Edwards was more mum on the subject, expressing amusement over the high level of interest in the text crawl’s hypothetical appearance:

“I think basically there’s a lot of things that I probably can’t talk about, is probably the safest way to answer that. The idea is this film is supposed to be different than the saga films…the whole crawl of it all — it’s funny people are fascinated on that.”


Rogue One presents something of an interesting challenge for Lucasfilm, being the first live-action spinoff that is disconnected from the main narrative people have been following for nearly 40 years. Some casual moviegoers are a little confused about where in the timeline it takes place, meaning the studio has to put together a killer marketing campaign that clearly states this is a prequel. As revealed by EW last month, Rogue One‘s events primarily take place 34 years before The Force Awakens, featuring another cast of all-new characters for fans to familiarize themselves with. Once Darth Vader starts popping up in trailers and TV spots, things should become clearer, but this will still be a great test to see if Disney’s plan to annualize Star Wars is viable longterm.


Simply put, Lucasfilm had to do something to divide saga from standalone. Removing the text crawl is perhaps the easiest way to accomplish that. Edwards has repeatedly said it was his intention to make a war film in a galaxy far, far away – a departure from the typical space opera/adventure tone of the main episodes. There’s no denying that the Star Warstheme invokes a particular feeling for the audience, one that could be at odds with what Edwards is trying to achieve. What makes the idea of the spinoff films so appealing is that they can blend multiple genres and put a different spin on the property, so there shouldn’t be an obligation to stick so strictly to the formula. The Rogue One team has the freedom to go off in a new direction if they so choose.

If this indeed the case, it will be interesting to see how Edwards sets the stage for his film. Even the Clone Wars TV series featured old school news reels to give fans updates. If Rogue One just began with its opening sequence, it would be a truly unprecedented move for the franchise. Should the movie include a fresh take on the concept (i.e. just a title card with some text), it wouldn’t be all that surprising. Either way, Rogue One will probably create the template that the future anthologies follow, completing the important task of separating the saga films from the standalone projects.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in December 16, 2016, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII on December 15, 2017, the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology film on May 25, 2018, Star Wars: Episode IX in 2019, and the third Star Wars Anthology film in 2020.