A few last words about The Last Jedi and Disney’s Star Wars Era

Well, sorry about my long silence, but I’m done with this “Star Wars New Trilogy”. I was full of hope, like every Star Wars fan in the world when Mickey’s House acquired Lucasfilm some years ago. Great! I thought about all that brand new Star Wars stuff coming soon in games, comics, books, toys, TVs and, of course, theaters!

Today, I am desolated. Disney just ruined with everything George Lucas built. The dirty paws of Mickey Mouse ruined all my childhood in 2h30min of that adomination called The Last Jedi. How they dared? What stupid thoughts can pass through the minds of Kathleen Kennedy, and Jar Jar Johnson for them to think The Last Jedi is anyway a good movie?

I don’t want to enter the merit (or absence of merits) for The Last Jedi. Many sites and reviews already said everything that could be said about that living nightmare for ANY REAL STAR WARS FAN. I only would be repetitive about the plotholes, the lack of sense, awful dialogues, all stupid new characters, all poor action scenes, all the SJW stuff, and bullshits like Mary Poppins Leia, Nirvana Luke, and more of Emo Kylo Ren, Mary Sue Rey, and that idiotic Finn + Rose romance-secret-mission, or Who’s-the-Hell-is-Snoke-I-Don’t-Care-Anymore-He’s-Gone, and all those stupid pets that seem coming from some Pokemon’s game.

Even The Force Awakens being just a copy of A New Hope, the movie was not bad at all. Abrams was respectful of the Star Wars franchise and the old characters, and delivered a product well done. It was not exactly what the fans expected for more than a decade, but it opened the door to a whole new generation of fans who had never seen a Star Wars movie before. Mistakes happened, and could be corrected in the next film, which promised to be much better…

I went to watch The Last Jedi with an open mind, and I was hoping to repeat the great experience of Rogue One, but it did not happen. The Last Jedi only reinforces my thought about what I call mkenobi 1st Law: “Nothing is so bad that can not get worse.” Besides the First Law, I have the mkenobi’s 2nd Law: “The worst that can happen, will happen, at the worst time and in the worst possible way.”

Both sentences define what The Last Jedi meant to me: the worst. Compared with The Last Jedi, The Phantom Menace is a masterpiece. Forget about midichlorians, Jar Jar, that stupid talk about sand from Attack of the Clones, and Anakin (Jake/Hayden) all scenes.. George Lucas can beat Joe Ezterhas as the worst screenwriter ever, but the prequels are far better than the TFA/TLJ together. The prequels have subplots and great actors, the Palpatine of Ian McDiarmid is what makes me to like even more of the prequels, Palpatine is the guy. While Snoke is… nobody… nothing!

Star Wars is about fantasy, not a science fiction like 2001 – A Space Odyssey. No ones need to have an PhD to watch a SW movie. I don’t care if bombs fall in space! I want fun, magic, entertainment, adventure, great lightsaber duels, heroic space battles, a carismatic villain that I can hate and fear (Kylo Ren??? Really???) and good characters that I can worry about (Finn, Rey, Poe, Rose, Holdo who???? WTF…). 

I follow the SW saga for about 40 years. Luke Skywalker was my first childhood hero when I watched Star Wars in 1978 – I was 7 year-old, and now Jar Jar Johnson and Mrs. Kennedy tell me that Luke is nothing but a coward, a weakling ??? And they ordered Mark Hamill to shut up his criticisms over The Last Jedi… Mark was the only honest voice about Star Wars and the outrages inside Lucasfilm. Don’t worry about that, Mark. Disney can go to hell, you are still the guy. #NotMyLukeSkywalker

While Disney tries to convice people about their good intentions, they keep making money, what is what interest to Disney. A Han Solo movie, an Obi Wan movie, a new trilogy from the man who ruined Star Wars (Jar Jar Johnson), now elevated to the greatest living filmmaker just because he did what Mrs. Kennedy ordered him to do — and what about Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and about Colin Trevorrow? As we say in my country (I didn’t find a good translation so I think is something like this): “Who has the power, commands; who has good sense, obeys”.

Good job, Jar Jar Johnson. You messed up with everything. Like a demented Sith Lord you fucked up with everything people loved for decades. And good job too, Mrs. Kennedy, you gave the proof the pain in the ass you are as Studio Director. And good job, Disney, you guys are showing all your incompetence to produce any stuffs beyond cute talking pets and beautiful princesses in danger. Go on, Mickey, keep destroying everything like a Knight of the Apocalipse: Pixar, Marvel, whatever. I don’t care.

If Disney can ignore all good stories after ROTJ as “Legends”, good for Disney. I also can ignore everything Disney is producing after ROTJ as “crap”, “bullshit”, “garbage”… So I will just ignore. I can do that. It’s my right as a Star Wars fan do not accept any garbage just because is a Star Wars stuff… Star Wars Rebels is back tonight for its last episodes, The Han Solo movie will hit theaters in couple months, and the Obi Wan movie is sheduled to start filming in 2019. I don’t want to know about Episode 9.

There are still good plots to be explained and good stories to be told in the old Star Wars timeline. I don’t want to know about the future. I will keep my eyes on the past. Instead of what Disney thinks, to me Star Wars is about the Skywalker Saga, it is about Darth Vader and Luke, Leia and Han. And if Rey is not a Skywalker, she can go to hell… I keep saying Star Wars has ended in that last scene of our heroes on Endor. And that was a perfect end. Game over.

And before I forget, go to HELL, Disney. Or should I say: Go back to HELL, Disney.




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